Traveling Home From Costa Rica

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On our last morning in Costa Rica, we awoke to a gift. A huge, bright, hard-to-miss rainbow was right outside our villa. As I was slowly rolling out of bed, my fiance flew through the sliding doors and said "Grab a camera, get out here right now!" Can't refuse that...

If that's not a good sign on the morning you're traveling internationally, I don't know what is!

We had a quick breakfast at the restaurant before getting picked up by our driver to head back to San Jose for our flight. I went with the Caletas Breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, and farmer's cheese. There was also beans and rice and plantains, but I skipped on those.

We said our final goodbyes to what had been our home over the past 8 days and finally met our driver out front for the drive to SJ.

The drive away from Villas Caletas was just as gorgeous as the drive there... but, naturally, it was bittersweet as well. We found ourselves already missing our new-found paradise, and knowing our one and only honeymoon was coming to an end was not the happiest of thoughts. To combat the sadness that can accompany the ending of such a trip, we spent a while talking about all of the exciting things to come - great things that are happening in my husband's career and with my consulting business, and the overall excitement to be married and live as a married couple. 

We arrived quite early to the airport in San Jose. We weren't sure what to expect on our way out of the country, so we wanted to be prepared. In the end, this translated to one last indulgent meal (nachos for me - with fake cheese, which was simultaneously delicious and disgusting - somebody please explain that to me) and some pre-flight cocktails. Two of them. Each.

Travel from San Jose to Houston was uneventful -- but the customs line was 2 hours long, so we were a little worried about potentially missing our flight. It all ended up working out. After finally getting through, the customs agent offered my husband a bit of newlywed advice: always make sure your home has at least two bathrooms. Hah... Okay then. Thanks for that.

We also ran across a true miracle: Someone taller than my husband! It was a momentous occasion so we had to snap a picture.


We arrived back home around 1am Chicago time, ready to see our pup!

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