Villas Caletas, Costa Rica Pt 3

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The day we were scheduled to go zip lining, we got up extra early and tried to dress in preparation for the adventure. We made our way over to the breakfast area at around 6:45. Our ride for zip lining was supposed to show up around 8, so we wanted to make sure we were in and out of the restaurant and back to our villa, where our ride would be getting us.

Little did we know, the restaurant didn't open until 7. Apparently that is a "hard" rule, though the open-air environment made it hard to believe. We ended up lounging around for about fifteen minutes before we were seated.

The first people at breakfast? We'll take it!

I broke tradition from the previous day and ordered the "Caletas Breakfast." It included two eggs any style, tortillas, avocado, rice and beans, fried farmer's cheese, and fried plantains. Truly delicious, and definitely a breakfast worthy of some serious zip lining adventures to come!

Fresh squeezed orange juice. I so rarely have truly fresh orange juice, so this was a total treat and I found it extremely refreshing!

After breakfast, we quickly headed back to our villa, where our ride picked us up to take us to Los Suenos. About twenty minutes later, we were at the site of our ziplining adventure.

After outfitting us in our ziplining gear, the staff loaded us onto what I can only describe as a big truck. The wheels on this thing were almost as tall as me. It took about twenty minutes of a seriously bumpy ride to get us to the top of the 'mountain' we would be zip lining down.

And then the fun began! After a bit of instruction, we were off! It was so neat to be hanging from a wire over the rainforest, and I found myself constantly in awe of the wildlife around me!

My husband was brave and went down one of the lines backward and upside down. Gotta love him. Also, proof that giants can zip line!

After surviving zip lining, we headed back to the resort, where a cute towel-animal puppy was waiting for us! We changed out of sweaty clothes, regrouped, and were off again.

We then proceeded to the restaurant, where we celebrated our survival with... you guessed it... drinks. My husband had fallen in love with a boozy, girly drink called the Caletas Dream. Yes, that big red flower was in his drink, not mine!

He was feeling the need for some serious nourishment, so he went with a vegetarian salad option and had them add chicken. They seemed a bit confused by the request (he was ordering from a vegetarian menu, but adding meat), but they ended up getting it right.

I wasn't particularly hungry after the big breakfast, so I ordered gazpacho. It ended up being a huge bowl, complete with avocado cream on top. Winning! It was delicious and the perfect cool dish to compliment a warm morning.

As we were about half way through our meals, a little.. uh... friend showed up. I can't remember if it was an iguana or a lizard, but apparently, the villa staff had named her Rosita, and she was a regular at the place. 

My husband was not amused. In fact, he was scared enough that he had to raise his feet up so they weren't on the floor, and eat his salad in his lap. Aren't you supposed to protect ME?!

After lunch, we wandered around the resort for a while in the sunshine. At the bottom of this sunset-viewing amphitheater, there was an open-air gym with a gorgeous ocean view. We decided to try it out and did a mini weight lifting routine, plus abs.

After the workout, we continued walking around the grounds for a bit until the sky finally opened up. It is their "wet season" in Costa Rica, which means that it rains somewhat frequently. In reality, that tended to be from about 3-4, and we tried to time it right to be done sunning by that time. It was also a great time to shower and relax and get ready for dinner!

When we headed back to the restaurant, we both decided to try to continue ordering new things instead of going with what we already knew we loved. My husband had a mahi mahi and I tried an eggplant parmesan (I was starving and something that mimicked italian food was ideal).

After the meal, my husband was feeling tired. It was only around 6:30 or 7, and we had planned to meet another couple for a drink later, so he decided to order a cappuccino. They sure do cappuccinos right at Villa Caletas. His cup overfloweth.

After dinner, we headed back to our room and relaxed. At some point while he was running up to the resort for an errand during the first two days, my husband had met another couple who was staying at the resort. They had invited us to partake in some duty-free liquor and fab conversation.

Obviously, it was a no-brainer. A little bit of Maker's Mark in our villa, a few hours of talking, and we called it a night!

  • Do you like to make friends on vacation or stick to the people you're traveling with? In general, prefer to spend time with my travel partner(s), but am occasionally up for a drink with another couple.

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