Villas Caletas, Costa Rica Pt 4

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On our fourth day at Villa Caletas, I spontaneously woke up early (despite drinking the night before)  and dressed myself for a run. I headed out the door around 6am, intending to take a short 20 minute run around the grounds.

Holy smokes, I forgot about the hills. The entire grounds at Villas Caletas are comprised of steep, rolling hills. I ended up alternating hill sprints with desperately tired uphill walking, and nailed a solid 45 minute workout. I. Was. Drenched.

I rinsed in the shower, put on my swimsuit, and headed to the main villa with my husband for some Costa Rican breakfast. 

We had an adventure ziplining the day before, and had booked surfing lessons and a spa package the following day, so we decided to take it easy and give ourselves a healthy dose of lounging.

After sitting by the pool a bit, we headed down toward the water for some delicious blackberry/ice cream/ rum smoothies. The drink was called "Caletas Dream" and it did indeed live up to its name.

Post-smoothie, we spent a while walking along the waterfront, which has a lot of rocky areas that are great for climbing but not so great for swimming.

Post-walk and another boozy smoothie later, we were both napping in our cabana on the beach. Here, my friends, is where Caletas Dream earned its name. It was the type of boozy smoothie that lends itself well to a short afternoon nap.

Did I mention one of my cover ups matched the cabana drapes? Meant to be.

In the late afternoon, it began to rain, so we headed back up to our villa to get jazzed up for dinner. Pardon the awful selfie, but this night needed to be documented - I showered, actually did my hair a bit for the first time on the trip (which entailed adding mousse - fancy!), and put on a dress my mom had given me to wear on the honeymoon.

We headed over to the restaurant for another amazing dinner. It was still early enough that we knew we could have a nice, long, leisurely dinner and watch the entire sunset.

One of our favorite servers, Jorje, brought me a mint lemonade that was to die for. I couldn't figure out if it was a mojito or what, at first, until he told me it was lemonade with blended ice and fresh mint. So refreshing.

But don't worry. I later moved on to wine and delicious food. I ordered a delicious mahi mahi with pineapple chutney and coconut jasmine rice. It was fresh and light.

The next morning, we skipped a workout and headed straight to brekkie. I had the "American Breakfast," which entails eggs any way you like (mine were scrambled with cheese), a choice of meats (bacon, obviously), and some kind of plantain hash browns.

We knew we were getting picked up to go surfing around 1pm, so we lounged by the pool at our palace all morning and then had lunch delivered there. We both went with loaded salads and split a hummus plate - having never surfed before, we wanted to be fully fed, in case it required a lot of energy!

Soon, we were picked up for surfing lessons by this vehicle (see below). How perfect is that? A brightly colored jeep seemed to fit the bill.

Our driver, Jefferson, was also going to be one of our surf instructors. As we approached the beach, he explained that it was one of the best surfing spots in Jaco (the town nearby). We asked if it was basically the "kiddie pool" or "bunny version" of surfing spots, and he said no - even the surf instructors hung out and surfed there on their own.

After a short demo, we were out in the water. Thank God, we both got the hang of surfing pretty quickly! The hardest part, in my opinion, was paddling out to the waves. The surfing part just felt like doing warrior poses in yoga!

We surfed for about two hours before it was time to ride in. I rode my last wave in about a minute before my husband, so I was able to get this shot of him riding a wave. Other than that, it is all in our memories!

My husband is hot!

Once we had dried off as best we could, we took a picture with our surfing instructors. These guys have been friends forever. We didn't learn until half way through our lesson that my instructor was the three time national surfing champion of Colombia! No wonder it felt so easy - we learned from the best!

Jefferson drove us back to our villa, and we headed up to the spa for a couple's treatment.

We had a few hours of pure pampering. Multiple exfoliations, massages, facials, and body wraps later, we emerged clean and new! We headed for some food and then met our friends for another drink before bed.

  • Have you ever surfed on vacation? What kind of activities are your favorite to try?
  • Do you like spa treatments? Have you ever done couples treatments?

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