A Day In Sarasota

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After a great poolside day at my in-laws and evening at Carlouel Yacht Club, I had an incredibly deep and long night's sleep. Let's just say I woke up a little sweaty - that's how you know you were passed out!

I walked into the living room to see my husband and his father on the balcony, chatting away and watching the water. It was too cute to interrupt.

I had planned to do a Bodypump-style workout with my husband, so I decided to get a head start with some cardio. Yes, you can see the Gulf of Mexico from the treadmill. Add that to my gratitude list...

After about twenty minutes of light cardio, my husband joined me. We did a thirty minute mini Bodypump set. Basically, we put on music and did Bodypump-style movements with medium weights. My heartrate was sky high and my muscles were sore, so I am calling it a success.

We had plans to head into Sarasota for the majority of the day to visit with a friend, so we showered and then hit up a breakfast joint on our way out of town. We stopped at Wildflower Care in Clearwater at the suggestion of my in-laws, and the food was delicious. I went with an egg white omelet and a side of grits.

When we arrived in Sarasota, we went directly to our friend's place. As it turned out, three of my husband's childhood friends were in the area (one of them lives there, two were visiting), so it was like a miniature Holland reunion. 

Our friend who lives in Sarasota has his own beer brewing operation in his back room, so he gave us the tour, showed us how it all worked, and we got to business (read: drinking the beer).

After catching up, the boys decided they wanted to do some frisbee golfing, so we walked to a nearby frisbee golf course. It was like frisbee golfing in the jungle (okay, I am a city girl and don't get out much, but still!). 

It was only my second time ever Frisbee Golfing. I started out being decent, but then things quickly deteriorated and I ended up being pretty awful. Oh well. You win some, you lose some!

Afterward, we headed to the grocery store for some grilling supplies. I found the largest avocado I've ever seen, but refused to buy it. It was labeled organic, but I just don't understand how it got that big!

We ended up with some tenderloin (which was sub par), some swordfish (which was delicious), some grapes, and some apples. My husband grilled up the meat, and we had ourselves a delicious pool-side dinner.

As I was sitting poolside and watching my husband play around in the pool, something popped up on my phone... My brother-in-law's then girlfriend had texted me this picture:

How gorgeous is that ring!?

I promptly freaked out and started calling and texting her incessantly. Sorry I'm not sorry! I am beyond excited for these two and can't wait for the Goeman clan to officially get even bigger!

What About You?
  • Have you been Frisbee Golfing? Are you any good at it?
  • Do you get incredibly excited about engagements?

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  1. Glad you had a good time in florida, it was nice to see you guys there. By the way, its a florida avocado, they're normally that big. They taste different, more watery and less high in fat, so they're better for stuff involving mashed avocado than sliced.


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