Beach Time Trumps Blogging

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Sorry I went missing for a while there... a full week to be exact! Not sure how long it's been since I took an entire week off from blogging. Let's just say... I procrastinated and I'm sorry.

That said, I was pretty freaking busy. Between work events, Bulls (I mean Pistons) games, and a trip to Florida, I've been a little bit all over the place and I'm a lot okay with it.

On Friday, my husband and I headed down to Florida. I took a half day for our late afternoon flight, and things went pretty smoothly.

We flew Chicago > Atlanta > Tampa. My MIL/FIL picked us up at the airport and drove us to Clearwater Beach, where their place is. It was pretty late, so we ended up chatting and then hitting the hay. In the morning, I awoke to a pretty stellar view.

Not a bad way to wake up, eh?

We headed over to the Hyatt for breakfast. I went with an asparagus and goat cheese omelet that left me STUFFED to the brim. Afterward, we went back to my in-laws' place to regroup and get sun ready.

Did I mention I am blessed to have married into a family with great taste? My mother in law and father in law gutted this place and decorated on their own, and it turned out to be a wonderfully modern take on beach living.

Sun and gratitude exercises

We went outside, where there is a large patio with a pool, lots of deck chairs and umbrellas, and a nice view of the Gulf of Mexico. For the next few hours, we sunned ourselves. 

When early afternoon rolled around, we were hungry for a little snack and bar action. We got some fish spread and crackers. Everyone got a Strawberry Daiquiri, but I am a weirdo who is skeptical of blended drinks at bars, so I opted for a Corona.

Post-snack, my husband and I took a walk down the pier to get a view of the beach from out on the water. 

We walked along the beach on our way back, and then spent a bit more time in the sun before going back inside to get ready for dinner.

My husband's grandmother had made us reservations at Carlouel Yacht Club, so I went ahead and busted out the black dress on our first night in town.

We headed over to Carlouel, which was a short drive away, at the end of the island. 

Once we got back from Carlouel, we weren't fully ready to hit the hay yet, so we ordered Stuck In Love On Demand. I had mixed feelings about it at first, but ultimately the movie just made me want to publish a book. And be nice to people more. Two good things to want to do!

  • Do you spend time in the sun on vacations?
  • Have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. omg you're making me want to go to FL asap. Spring break in Fall is good, right?

    1. Yes! You can have Spring Break any time of year! ;-)


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