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If your first instinct upon reading this post title was to think of Miley Cyrus, we can no longer be friends (but secretly let's stay friends because I still think it's funny). While I did not do much twerking (read: none), I did do much werking. Werking out, that is. One of my most frequent email inquiry questions is how much I work out and what combination of activities I use. I don't do the same thing every week, but here's a recent sampling:

Wednesday: Spinning, 60 Minutes
My husband has become a total Spinning fiend. He even purchased some special customized shoes for his large feet so that he can clip into the pedals. He spins two to three times a week, so I try to join him as much as I can. Sometimes, spinning can bore me (I like to hop on the treadmill with a movie on my iPad, y'know?), but this week's class with Kayla as the instructor was very challenging (and we listened to Miley Cyrus more than once, so.. yeah).

Thursday: High Performance Pilates (HOT!) @ The Mercury Method, 60 Minutes
I had taken a lot of Mercury Method classes, but had yet to try the Pilates. I have pilates at my regular gym, so I figured I should spend my Mercury Method mornings trying out other things I couldn't get elsewhere. Finally, I decided to try it because Lara was teaching it and, let me just be frank here, I think I love her. 

Having now tried the High Performance Pilates class, I am a total convert. It is the perfect combination of being extremely challenging but not being too rough on my bones or wrists (I have old lady wrists, so fragile). Let's also not forget that, because it is Pilates, the vast majority of it is done on a mat. Perfect for a 6am class. I hardly even have to stand up...

Friday: Full Body Weights, 45 Minutes
I did a full body routine with my husband. The couple who works out together... stays together? I hit the gym with Mr. G on Friday morning at 6am to do a full body workout. It was hard and I was cranky to be awake, but it was worth it!

Saturday: 4 mile run with the dog
I know that some people run outdoors all year long. I am not one of you. I am not a fan of running in extremely cold weather, and with my gym just a short jaunt away, I would much prefer my trusty treadmill. So, as the cold weather looms ahead, I decided to get some outdoor running in with the pup.

Sunday: 4 mile run, 20 minute stairmaster sprint
It was kind of rough, for no good reason other than my mood.

Monday: Skip
I woke up feeling woozy and light headed, so I decided to opt for a skip day.

Tuesday: Runner's High (HOT!) @ The Mercury Method, 60 Minutes, + Body By Science, 20 Minutes
Runner's High is another of my favorites, and ever since I ran a 5k in 23:23 after taking my first Runner's High class, I have sworn by it. This class did not disappoint, but I will admit that some of the moves are really hard at 6am.

Wednesday: Skip Day
We had planned to spin again, but neither of us were feeling it, so we went out to dinner instead. Makes sense, right?

Thursday: High Performance Pilates (HOT!) @ The Mercury Method, 60 Minutes
Yep. I went back. You already know why.


  • How was your week in workouts?
  • Have you ever done hot pilates?

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