A Birthday and Milwaukee Visit

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Happy Monday to all! I hope your week is off to a great start, especially as we prepare to enter the hyped or dreaded (hyped for me, let's be real) Thanksgiving weekend!

On Friday night, my husband and I headed up the North Shore to visit my parents for the night. It was my dad's birthday weekend, and as you know, I do birthdays right.

We had cheesecake topped with raspberries and freshly melted chocolate (not pictured) and ate it in front of the fire. That is, after we finished devouring our filet mignon.

In true style for my family, we had a lot of conversation and ended the night with two episodes of House Hunters International in front of the fire. This is the epitome of relaxation in my mind!

The next morning, my mother did a little birthday decorating and fixed us a delicious breakfast.

Bacon and eggs = my ideal breakfast. Throw some breakfast sausage in there and you'll satisfy the men, too. 

After a delicious breakfast, I headed to the basement for a workout. I ran about 5 miles, but started with an interval run for the first 15-20 minutes, then started stopping every mile to do 50 jumping jacks, 30 push ups, and a round of boxing. It wahttp://www.createliveblog.com/2012/02/fit-printable-boxing-workouts.htmls pretty similar to this interval boxing workout, except it was significantly longer, a little more running heavy, and also included jumping jacks and push ups.

Afterward, I showered and got ready to pick up some of my girlfriends and head for Milwaukee!

Once we arrived, our first order of business was to head to Lakefront Brewery. We had set up a 2:30 tour for our group, so we headed over a bit early to grab a beer before it starts (they actually recommend it!).

The tour was really neat and it was awesome to see the process and get a better understanding of how beer is made!

Afterward, we headed back to my girlfriends' apartment to have some appetizers and play Cards Against Humanity. 

Around 7 or 8, we headed to AJ Bombers for dinner. This is one of those typical bar food places where you can write on the tables and crack open peanuts and drop the shells on the floor. Needless to say, it was an appropriately filling dinner for having attended a brewery tour in the afternoon.

We headed to a country bar (forget the name... sorry, my brain tends to remove all things country from memory... wink), where my friend rode the bull. I have never seen someone I know do it in person, but it is obviously a difficult thing to do!

Eventually, we made our way back to my girlfriends' apartment and crashed in beds and on couches.

I woke up fairly early the next morning to a scene that is oh-so-typical of girls' weekends: a mess of clothes, boots, and vera bradley bags. It only took us a few minutes to clean the entire apartment, though, which is a good thing because we were starving.

We headed out the door pretty quickly, so I ended up rocking this very questionable hair style. A top knot, falling off the side of my head, with its own built in alfalfa hair. It was large and in charge.

We walked over to Wolf Peach, which was a short 2-3 minute walk up a set of stairs.

It was decorated as a combination of rustic and industrial (kind of looked like a cabin/loft, if that even makes sense) and then topped off with some romantic accents, like this glass chandy.

I had a delicious (and huge) order of Chilaquiles with Chorizo, Avocado, and an over-easy egg. It totally hit the spot and filled me up. I also broke my coffee rule to guzzle some liquid gold.

After brunch, we braved the 17 degree cold to walk back to their apartment and pack up. We headed back to the burbs, where I dropped my girlfriends off and touched base with my parents before my mom drove me to the train.


  • Have you ever been to Milwaukee? What is your favorite midwestern city?
  • Do you have any birthday traditions? In my family, we always decorate the doorways and hang streamers and balloons for people to wake up to on their birthdays! The birthday person also gets to choose the meals for the day.

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