Links To Feed Your Soul

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Happy Thursday! I am working on a fabulous round up of healthy Thanksgiving meals for you to drool over tomorrow. In the mean time, here is a list of links to feed your soul. Have a wonderful day :)

Sometimes The Little Things Last The Longest (Video)
Ugh this made me tear up. I love my dad, and there are some silly little things he did with me, but this is also a great reminded to use the little things in life to make someone's day.

The Real Truth About Boring Men And The Women Who Love Them: Redefining Boring
This is a great article that is a great reminder to stop glorifying viral videos and dramatic loves, and to desire a quiet, deep, real love. Enter the "boring" men. :)

Stress Reduction For The Holidays
Feeling a little holiday stress? Try these 5 tools to cool down!

How The Hidden Dangers of Comparison Are Killing Us
Do you see the world as sticks or bushes? Measuring sticks of your worthiness, or a burning busy of God's glory? Another article from A Holy Experience, this is an explanation of the dangers of comparison and a reminder to reel it in.

Ubuntu - The Meaning and Power of Groups
A very quick read on how powerful groups can be in our ability to enjoy life and to heal.


  • Did any of these reverberate with you?
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