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Have you ever had the desire to make a gourmet, home-cooked meal? Then, that desire is promptly squashed when you look up the ingredient list and realize you'll have to scour the grocery store in search of everything on the list, most of which you only need a tiny bit of, only to be stuck with extra ingredients that will go to waste?

Never fear. Meez Meals has solved your problem.

I was recently contacted by Meez Meals and offered a few free home-delivered meals. They have a lot of options, and I was able to choose items that were gluten free. None of the options included meat, so my husband immediately said to count him out... I got crafty and solved that one (see below).

The way Meez Meals works is that you select meals to have delivered, and then they deliver you all of the fresh ingredients as well as the directions for cooking. I actually selected three meals: 
  • Gluten-free sage and fig glazed pasta with spinach, kale, and crispy fennel
  • Sriracha toasted brussels sprouts
  • Tomato and goat cheese dip with chick peas and foccacia bread
When the box arrived, I started on the pasta, but put the brussels sprouts in the freezer for later and saved the goat cheese dip for later that week in the fridge. 

The directions were very easy and clear, and solved a lot of problems for me by telling me the best order in which to do things to be most efficient. The labels on each item were very clear and they made sure to package the right amount of each ingredient, so that there was no measuring required (if you know me, you know measuring is basically the bane of my existance).

It took about 15 minutes of work and I ended up with a delicious, gourmet meal. I fixed my husband's meat problem by cooking up and adding a chicken sausage to his. 

Ding ding ding! Dinner's done!


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