Ten Things Monday

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1. Looking for some fun and festive (but still clean) recipes to make for Thanksgiving? Check out this Thanksgiving menu and find all of the recipes here!

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2. There was a brief moment of warmth yesterday, during which I promptly changed into a dress with no tights. NO TIGHTS, YOU GUYS! Now that I've had a taste of it, I want warmth back. Can it just be summer so we can drink these?

3. Janeetha at Meals and Moves posted this on Instagram this morning, and I am kind of in love with it. This is the biggest hurdle between any person and fitness: getting past what you THINK you need (a little diet self control, some weights, and a ton of cardio) and finding what you REALLY need (a little cardio, some weights, and a lot of diet self control / clean eating).

4. Confession: I have been Netflix marathoning Charmed on the treadmill for the past 3-4 months. Before you judge me, hear me out: I wanted something that had A TON of LONG episodes (not 30 minute episodes that would fly by). Charmed has 8 seasons of 22 episodes, most of which are 1 hour long (but some are 2 hours, so HA). Also, I am kind of loving it. Billy Zane just showed up and... sigh. 

5. I had an extremely productive weekend. Like, we're talking cardio/weights/pilates, cleaned-out-my-closet, vacuumed, organized, laundered, cooked kind of productive. Thank God for my ability to knock so many things out in one weekend, because (see # 6).

6. I have a lot of exciting and busy weekends coming up (as I'm sure most of you do). I have a girls weekend coming up, then some traveling for the holidays, and then the weekend Christmas parties start. Holding on for dear life!

7. On Thursday, I had my first experience at Paris Club. It was alright. My company was amazing (girlfriends from college), and the food was pretty good, but I'm not convinced it is entirely worth its price tag. Fun in the bathroom was, though...

8. My new favorite thing? Taco bowls. BISON TACO BOWLS. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Bison.

9. I am already finished Christmas shopping for most of my family. Kind of like how I tend to choose my Halloween costumes in August. Such an eager beaver. 

10. Ten Things You Should Know About Your Husband is awesome. My cousin Mary posted it on her blog Facebook, so I took a gander and read it, and let me say. Wow. Makes me appreciate my husband and just reinforces how right it feels to be with him. My favorite item? "When you meet your husband, you won't worry about messing it up." <--this was so true for me.

  • Have you ever had bison? What do you think of it?
  • What are you marathoning on Netflix? What should my next Netflix binge be? HALP!
  • Do you wait until the last minute to Christmas shop or hop on it early?


  1. agreed ! I am already ready for spring. is this a problem?

  2. OMG also meant to say: thank YOU for posting my husbands link!!! i appreciate it so much!! i am glad it resonated with you!!!


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