What I Ate Wednesday

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My second What-I-Ate-Wednesday post, and looking back on last week's, I am proud to say that this time consists of much less lazy meals! By that, I mean that I have now graduated to making my own lunch (which I typically do but lately these posts are not showing it!). Success! Cue the graduation song. Thanks, Vitamin C.

I woke up at 5:30 am to hit the gym, so my first order of business was to get some motivation in me!  I just can't do coffee at 5:30 am, and I have found that if I drink coffee right before working out, it dries me out and I have an awful, dehydrated, shaky workout. So, I had a splash of Mio in a bottle of water, which I chugged before heading to my the gym for a 40 minute run and 20 minute weight session.

Once I got to work, I had a Quest Bar (cookie dough... yes! don't ever leave me!), a packet of vitamins I DIYed (why is it so hard for me to get these down? sorry for the gagging noises, coworkers), and some chinese herbal tea. The Quest Bar is obviously the star of this show.

When lunch rolled around, I had a cup of 3 bean lean beef chili (YUM! Recipe here), a small salad with spinach, onion, red pepper, and feta, and a skin detox tea. The combination of chili and salad really hit the spot and kept me full for quite a while, and the fruity tea was a good flavor to offset the chili.

By the time I got home for dinner, I was starving. I had been running around all day and was in need of some serious fuel. I was hungry enough that I didn't even feel like I had the energy to cook (read: lazy), so I was easily swayed when my husband suggested that we eat out.

I had steak tacos (above) with avocado, black beans, lettuce, and tomatoes, on a corn tortilla. I also had a glass of vodka soda with 3 lemon wedges. Probably not the wisest (or healthiest) decision, but it hit the spot!

  • What decisions do you sometimes make that are not wise or healthy?
  • Do you always have coffee in the morning? How do you perk up for an early workout?

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