A Night at Untitled

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On Thursday night, my husband and I went to Untitled with our neighbors for dinner and drinks. My husband tends to strongly dislike places that give off a pretentious feel, so when they charged for coat check and made us wait a few minutes to be seated (despite having a reservation and the dining room having obvious empty tables), I was a little worried that he would hate it. It did manage to redeem itself by way of delicious food, though.

The restaurant and bar is divided up into a number of different rooms, and we were seated in the Champagne room.

The food was delicious. We started with beef and lamb meat balls, and they brought us three meat balls for a table of four. Bizarre, but it ended up working out alright because two of us wanted to split one, anyway.

While we waited, our server also brought us a salmon dish. It was surprisingly sweet, and sat on a bed of what they called couscous, but it was larger than most couscous I have eaten in the past. I enjoyed the dish a lot and it was very surprising, but most of all I was just impressed that they must have noticed a little bit of irritation on our part and sent something out to smooth it over. Worked like a charm.

For my main dish, I had the hanger steak. I pretty much always order hanger steak when I find it on a menu, because I have found that chefs almost always nail how I like it cooked, as opposed to other steaks, which are frequently either too tough or too rare. This hanger steak was covered in a delicious sauce that had a chipotle flavor to it, and sat on a plate covered in fingerling potatoes. It was a lot of food, so I focused on the meat.

At around 10:00, the show started. On Thursday nights, Untitled has live jazz during dinner, followed by a show called "Unbridled." It is basically an upscale burlesque show in the main room with a lot of fireworks involved. I failed at snapping pictures of this on our way out, so here's a blurry group shot to make up for it.

What About You?
  • Do you have any restaurant quirks that easily win you over or irritate you? I am easily won over by free dishes or waiters who are super friendly and silly... easily irritated when they stick you at a bad table and won't let you change to a new one. 
  • Would you try out a restaurant with a burlesque show? I am typically not very into that kind of stuff, but it was done very classily and didn't make us feel awkward in any way.

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