Christmas Chronicles

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Christmas has come and gone without much activity in the blog world, and I'm actually pretty happy about it. I made a decision to leave my DLSR at home, but I did bring along my trusty Nikon Point-and-Shoot to chronicle my Christmastime adventures.

I am now up in Northern Michigan at my in-laws' ski condo, so stay tuned for some more holiday fun. For now, here is my Christmas!

We spent a few days around Christmas up at my parents' house, North of Chicago. We had all of the typical Christmas Eve ingredients: a roaring fire, lots of glitter, a brightly lit tree, and far too many presents underneath it. Hey, I'm not complaining.

We went to 7:00 Church with my family, and had to snap a picture when we got back. Please notice the ridiculous, contortionist pose my dog is in. She's scratching her ear, but it looks like she is trying to model.

We all pitched in to prepare a Christmas Eve meal. As my sister and I prepped a salad and set the table, apparently a few other family members broke into the Patron...

I started the meal with a pomegranate champagne toast. It was somewhat formal and a bit religious, but seemed fitting for Christmastime. As soon as we toasted and I sat down, my brother stood up to perform his toast... a rendition of the locker room speech from the movie Miracle. It was the yin to my yang.

After dinner, we sat around in the living room for a few hours to open gifts from my parents and gifts that we gave each other. The dogs enjoyed it.

We tried to get to bed early, but it ended up being 1 or 2 am, so we all slept in.

The next morning, we hung out in our Christmas jammies and drank some coffee. My mom made some delicious french toast using european bread, and we paired it with mimosas before getting to the presents from "Santa."

And there you have it! Christmas Chronicles. Hope yours were festive, too!

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