Hump Day Juice Cleanse and Holiday Workouts

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I'm a day late (but not a dollar short!) with this post. I have been pretty busy lately, for reasons I will share soon, but there are some big changes in the works and some big things brewing! For now, here's a look into some of my crazy habits.

This What I Ate Wednesday (and Fitness, too) post includes meals from my impromptu hump day juice cleanse as well as my workouts from the past week. Why do I post this? Because I have gotten questions before about whether I really eat the food I post (sometimes, yes... sometimes, no...) and how often I do the fitness regimens I post (and in what order).

The Food:

I started the day with a green juice, which I had picked up the day before at Loop Juice in the Chicago French Market (LOVE that place). It was a little sweet tasting for my preference, so I added the juice of 1/4 of a lemon. I felt pretty satisfied after this juice, but I probably would have wanted to munch on things if I hadn't been in meetings all morning.

For lunch, I decided to keep things "liquid," but still wanted some protein. I had received this Orgain Chocolate protein shake in a Klutch Box a few months ago, so I drank it for my liquid lunch as I walked to Target. It was pretty good, but definitely tasted like a "healthy" shake. It reminded me of the Ensure drink that Abbot makes.

Around 2:30, I was getting hungry again, and I had a red juice in the fridge from Loop Juice. This. Was. Delicious. It was so tasty and sweet that I was sad when it was gone. As I can remember, it includes pomegranate, beets, apple, carrot, and ginger.

While I started cooking dinner, I was starving. I had planned to do the juice cleanse for most of the day but have solid food for dinner, so I made myself a little appetizer in the microwave of a corn tortilla with some mixed cheese and italian seasoning, topped with sriracha. Great little 100 calorie snack to keep you from going insane while you wait for dinner!

I roasted some shredded brussels sprouts from Meez Meals in olive oil with salt and pepper, and topped it with sriracha.

Meanwhile, I also pan seared some tilapia filets in grapeseed oil and then sprinked them with taco seasoning once the fish was cooked enough that it started breaking apart easily. I heated up some corn tortillas and made some fish tacos for dinner. My husband and I both loved them, and it was a super easy (we're talking <10) minute meal.

The Fitness:
Because last week included Thanksgiving break, my workout schedule was a little wacked.
Wednesday: 45 minute Stairmaster Sprint
Thursday: Skip! Thanksgiving, y'all!
Friday: 45 minute Stairmaster Sprint/2 mile run, 20 minutes weights, 10 minutes abs (I was all over the place trying out a new gym, so I did a little bit of everything)
Saturday: 60 minute run (6 miles)
Sunday: 100 Burpee Challenge, 30 minutes mat work (pilates-ish)
Monday: 45 minute Stairmaster and Treadmill cardio
Tuesday: Body By Science
Wednesday: Skip! I was totally wiped from the past few days of workouts, for some reason!

  • What's your go-to "I'm starving and can't wait for dinner" appetizer?
  • What is your favorite workout from this past week?


  1. Um yum, those tacos look delicious! And what do you mean you don't always eat the food you post? Personally I just cut down on the number of WIAWs I was doing because I didn't like all the over-analyzing of what I was eating.

    1. Haha, maybe I worded that poorly - I had someone email me and ask if I eat oreo balls and reese's cupcakes all the time. Point is, sometimes I eat like I do in my recipes, and sometimes I eat quest bars all day... it just depends on my mood and the day!
      Were you getting people asking about what you were eating, or did you just notice that it bugged you to think about so much?

  2. Wow!! really it is a super easy minute meal. I will prefer in the short time moments.

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