Thanksgiving Weekend

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Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving(AndHannukah)-Break! I hope you are adequately transitioning from stuffing your face with stuffing and turkey to a recovery diet of veggies, meats, and LOTS OF WATER.

I spent the weekend in Holland, Michigan, with my husband's family. My brother tagged along, and we had a very relaxing (and very, very cold) trip.

I have to say, one of my favorite things about Holland is that it seems to always be beautiful. Whether it is bathed in sunlight and coursing with boats, or if the water is still and the dock is dusted with snow, there is something so beautiful about this town.

We had a bit of an atypical Thanksgiving meal and went to Ruth's Chris in Grand Rapids instead of having a Turkey-centered potluck at home. What this meant was crab cakes, calamari, stuffed mushrooms, and filet mignon. I was not about to complain about that spread...

I was also pretty thrilled to have another excuse to wear the perfectly Thanksgiving-colored Chevron dress that my MIL gave me for Christmas. Good job, Bev! :)

Our dinner had been fairly early, so there was still some daylight when we returned to my in laws' house in Holland. I ushered in the next season by paying a visit to the lit up Christmas tree they keep out on their dock. I am in love with this tradition and think it is the perfect addition to an unused winter dock.

We followed up with some beer, dessert, and lots of bizarre TV shows. 

The next morning, my husband, my brother and I all headed to MVP Athletic Club for a tour and a workout. I was very impressed with most of their facilities, and, coming from a city gym, this place is huge.

We had a nice dinner at my in-laws' place, and then went thrifting with my brother in law and his girlfriend. This is the big purchase I may or may not have begged my husband for:

Seriously, though, how awesome is that desk? It is just begging me to paint it white and use it for writing... just saying.

We also made out with a ton of over sized sweaters and jackets. Thank God the trend is to wear huge tops with leggings. I am so rocking that this season.

Post-thrifting, we headed to my other brother in law's apartment. He and his fiance had a few people over to hang out and warm their hands by the fire. Okay, really it was more like a TV fire. My brother was loving it.

A few hours later, we headed home. I got ready for bed and realized I had lost my husband. I eventually found him in the kitchen, holding hands with our dog. This man is an animal lover and a total dog whisperer. Love him so much for those traits, among others!

The next morning, we headed to DeBoer Bakery with my mother and father in law. It is a Dutch bakery and breakfast restaurant, so most of the items on display were, naturally, Dutch. I enjoy trying to pronounce these words...

That said, I am the weirdo that orders Huevos Rancheros at a Dutch restaurant. What is wrong with me? Apparently nothing, because this was delicious.

By the time we got back home, it was time for the OSU/Michigan Game. My husband and his whole family are from Michigan, and my brother goes to Ohio State (and we used to live in Columbus), so there were advocates for both sides. 

We spent a bit of time lounging in the living room and watching the game, but I have to be honest and tell you that I took a glorious nap. Football + a cozy fire = napping Carly. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Wondering why I included a picture of Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan making out? After being bored out of my mind (don't hate me) for the first half of the game, I finally decided to just head to the gym for a long run. Five miles and one episode of Alias later, I had worked up a good sweat.

As the sun began to set, we had one final delicious meal at my in-laws'. My MIL had made a really tender pot roast, so I slathered it in pub mustard and went to town. 

Soon after, we packed up the car (and dog) and hit the road back to Chicago! We had a really laid back remainder of the evening, and went to bed early because we had to bring my brother to a Greyhound bus at 6 am.

We woke up at 5:30am to get him there, so my husband and I took a glorious nap once we got back. Then, we had a delicious breakfast at The Breakfast Club...

And then spent some time watching TV and getting work done before I finally went to the gym.

The last order of business was dinner and entertainment. I made some Cherry Barbeque Chicken and sauteed some Normandy Veggies and let me tell you, this BBQ chicken is to die for.

Finally: CATCHING FIRE! I am such a Hunger Games nut, this was so amazing for me. My husband tried to make a few jokes during the movie but I was having nothing of it.

  • How was your holiday weekend?
  • What's the best thing you ate? I have a tie between Filet Mignon and Huevos Rancheros
  • Are you obsessed with Hunger Games? Team Gale or Team Peeta? (I am totally Team Gale)

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  1. Gorgeous! Your in laws house looks amazing! Great holiday indeed :)


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