Weekending with cocktails

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The weekend has come and gone, and for once, I didn't have the mental stress of knowing I had to get up at 5:30am to squeeze in a workout before a full day at the office (yeah, remember that time I quit my job to pursue my dreams?). Instead, I got to wake up slowly and my day started with a social and blog marketing strategy call at 8:30am. Life is good.

Friday was my last day at the office, so my husband met me and a couple coworkers for a drink or two after work. We headed up to the burbs that night to see my family.

Saturday mainly consisted of...
  • wake up, do 3 hours of consulting work from the kitchen island while eating breakfast and talking to the family
  • head back downtown, do a workout in my living room, shower and get gussied up
  • a holiday soiree at Sierra from Posh Meets Pavement's apartment, which included her hand crafted cocktails, wine, champagne, a moscow mule, and lots of cards against humanity

Sierra made a rosemary and cranberry cocktail. It must have been awful, because I downed it. ;-)

Some of the spread, which we promptly demolished.

Sierra pouring... that's right... more champagne.

Cards against humanity, DIY style.

A group shot of most of the ladies.

Sunday was also a pretty eventful day, in spite of the combination of drinks I consumed at Sierra's...
  • Wake up, chug coffee and water, head to Bodypump (success!)
  • Come home and get ready to meet my girlfriend for lunch
  • Meet my girlfriend at the Doubletree Mag Mile for a VIP entrance to Sassy City Chicks' event. 
  • Drink a few carrot martinis, which are surprisingly good. I walk out with a new dress, fleece lined black leggings, and some badass sunglasses
  • Come home and do a few more hours of consulting work while my husband and a buddy root my husband's new phone
  • Realize we are both too lazy to make dinner, so we grab a 9:15 at Girl and the Goat

Carrot Martinis at Sassy City Chicks' event. 

Goats everywhere. Yes, even the napkins.

An Old Fashioned for the Mr. and a 4:15 to Georgia for me!

Goat belly

  • What do you do when you're too lazy to cook?
  • How was your weekend?

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  1. Hey! I just found your blog while looking up Speakeasy party ideas! What's a 4:15 to Georgia drink?



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