Workout Wednesday

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Sorry folks, no What-i-ate-wednesday post for today. I just plain forgot, on account of flipping my life upside down! I don't mind :)

For now, here is a recap of the fitness portion of my typical wednesday posts. This is a week in workouts. I started my week trial of CorePower on Monday, so I am trying to fit that in each day at least once. Will keep you posted with a review coming later :)

Wednesday: 5.5 mile run, courtesy of Netflix

Thursday: Bodypump

Friday: 60 minute AM Weights Routine with my husband

Saturday: 30 minute self-guided Tabatas - I ran out of time before getting ready for Sierra's holiday party, so I made up a quick Tabata set and used my GymBoss timer while watching - you betcha - Netflix.

Sunday: Bodypump

Monday: Core Power - Hot Power Fusion - This was my first CorePower class, and I really liked it but did not find it that challenging.

Tuesday: Core Power - Sculpt and Restore - Second and third CorePower class. Sculpt was definitely challenging and my heart rate was rocking the whole time. Restore is much more of a relaxed class and I found it to be slightly painful but it seemed to be good for my joints.

Wednesday: 30 minute run, Core Power - 1.5 - I wanted to jump right into their level 2 classes, but my head is telling me I should at least try their 1.5 first. I do have experience with yoga, but have mostly been doing pilates for the last year, so I may need a refresher and don't want to be totally lost in a level 2.


  • Have you ever tried a heated class?
  • Do you like YOGA or PILATES? I have typically liked Pilates more because I tend to feel the burn more easily, but I have to admit that there are some serious mental and physical benefits to yoga, too.


  1. I did a hot yoga class once a week when I lived in Austin, TX...didn't take much to get it hot in there especially during the summer...I loved it. I have been thinking about getting back into it, but I love all my beachbody dvd's so much I have yet to justify spending more $$$ ;)

    1. I totally hear you - it's expensive and hard to justify! Totally enjoyable though :)

  2. I love core power! That sculpt class really gets me when I go for the first time in a while, especially depending on the teacher. I've had some that just kill me!

    1. I loved sculpt! I am going back tomorrow. hashtagaddicted


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