Adapt Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

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Let's talk about bluetooth headphones.

Why do I need them?
(1) I love streaming TV programs on my iPad to get me through long runs, but I have this fear that I'm going to spaz out and hit the headphone wire and my iPad will come crashing down...

(2) I do a weights routine with my husband in which we have to be able to see the seconds pass to make sure we get to 45 seconds on each set... but the clock at the gym doesn't show seconds, and with my phone attached to my headphones, I'm not able to hand it off to my husband so he can time me.

(3) The only time I really like talking on the phone is while I am doing other stuff. I need to be able to mix batter, walk on the treadmill, or drop things off at the post office, all while  on the phone. Hands free is the way to be, ya'll.

So, I decided that with bluetooth headphones, I could solve both problems: there would be no wires for me to spaz on, and I would be able to hand my phone to my husband so he could time me, no strings attached.

Here are some of the contenders I initially found:

FYI: I tried to steer clear of the type of headphones that go over and around your ear to the back. I've had those before, and they are just so painful because it feels like they are pinching the dear life out of my tiny little ears.

After a while, the Adapt Bluetooth Headphone Adapter popped up. This little nifty thing reminded me of the shape of a fitbit, but it performs a much different function. It connects via bluetooth with your products, and then it converts it so that you can plug in any headphones. The best part? $39.95. Cheapness tends to prevail in my mind.

So, I ordered it, and it arrived quickly because I have Amazon Prime and it was eligible for free two-day shipping (yesssss). I am now running on the treadmill and watching movies like a boss.

I've also used it at the gym to do Daily Burn workouts in the free area. I can set the exercise up on my iPad, and then be able to do it in the middle of the room and no one else can hear it.

As you can see, I do sometimes wear it clipped onto my sports bra or tank top, but most of the time, I prefer to clip it to my pants. I am able to adjust which track I listen to, and adjust the volume, or even pause my show, all by touching buttons on my hip as I run. It is so easy, a monkey could do it... (and perhaps that's why there's a monkey on the button).

I guess I'm giving this product two thumbs way way up! 
Want to get the product?

Do you have any other TO DIE FOR fitness accessories? I am obviously obsessed with my iPad, but also love using my heart rate monitor.

What shows/movies do YOU watch while exercising? I just started The Good Wife on Amazon Prime and am loving it (and the fact that the episodes are LONG and there are five seasons of it!).

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