Frozen Lake and Thai Food - 6 Things in 6 Days

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We're six days into 2014, and I've got six things I'm loving about life so far.

(1) Brunch. Did I mention it is my favorite meal of the day (like 1000 times)? I have tried a lot of the staple breakfast nooks in Holland, but I am sure there are many more for me to try.

P.S. Brunch staple? Lipstick on a white mug. I may not always have time to get ready for breakfast, but I personally am convinced there is no excuse for a lack of lipstick. ;-)

(2) Frozen lake. I am amazed by how pretty it is to look out on the frozen and snow-covered lake. This lake is kind of a bay area off of Lake Michigan, and Holland is sandwiched around both of them. Despite having Lake Michigan water, it is just small enough to freeze over. I watched a coyote (I think?) prance its way across the lake yesterday, so I'm going to state that it's entirely frozen with certainty.

(3) Overload of cuteness. My dog naps. Like all day. The most pampered of them all...

(4) Snow. Holy Snowpocalypse, is it really coming down. I know this is happening everywhere, but I still can't get over it. I have that excited feeling of "Maybe we'll get a snowday!"

Yeah. Right. Ain't no snowdays in online marketing...

(5) Fire. Likely as a consequence of (4) Snow.  When it's cold outside, is there anything better?

(6) New restaurants. This is thai food, which my husband randomly suggested. It had been a year probably since my last thai adventure, and I have no good excuse for having waited. I am a sucker for curry dishes, but I am trying to reign myself in after a laundry list of holiday indulgences, so I went with some lighter fare (Pad Pak) and split chicken satay with my Mister.


  • What is your food of choice at thai restaurants? I am looking for some new options!
  • Do you live somewhere that is being hit by this snow storm? How much have you gotten?

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