Skip Days and Guilty Pleasures

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Sometimes, I reward hard work with a workout skip day. Last week was pretty work-intensive for both my husband and me, so let's just say there was more than one skip day that occurred once the weekend rolled around...

On Friday, I worked all day and learned that I apparently require many beverages to function normally. That would be Acai Mate tea, some Coconut LaCroix, and some Mio LaCroix. Once dinnertime rolled around, we decided to wait a little later until my MIL came in on a train at 10ish, and we picked her up before heading over to New Holland Brewery. There was a band there that even had string instruments and I was LOVING it, but apparently this is pretty commonplace in West Michigan. I'll take it!

I had chili, which was fine, but the real standout was this brown ale I tried. Just for kicks, check out the first specialty beer on the list below...

I was definitely not up to try an 11.5% a.b.v. beer at the time, but I am trying to convince my husband to go back so I can try that Smaug's Breath. Anyone else intrigued by this?

Saturday morning, my husband and I headed to the gym for a weights workout together. We were extremely sore and exhausted afterward, but forced ourselves to run some errands before finally getting home to relax. 

We picked up supplies and later cooked up a feast to eat with my brother in law and his fiance. Flank steak, hashed sweet potatoes and potatoes, and a big ole salad, complete with some Puydeval

Sunday morning, we tried a new church and then came home to make a huge brunch for ourselves, which included egg sammys, bacon, and egg tortillas. We did a bit of work and then got ready to head to Grand Rapids for a few hours and to see The Wolf of Wall Street.

A note about this movie: I did not love it. I can't tell you how many people are raving about it, but it was just not my jam. It was kind of depressing, not inspiring at all, and seemed like they were just trying to re-create the movie Blow.

Anyway, after getting out of the movie, we planned to make a nice dinner, so we stopped at the store for a case of beer because my husband was craving it to accompany the chicken dinner I planned. Laughable is that liquor is locked up in Western Michigan on Sundays. Good thing the beer was available!

Naturally, when we got home, I realized I had forgotten to thaw the chicken. So, I went to plan B and made cheese and turkey pepperoni quesadillas. 

Monday morning, I treated myself to a guilty pleasure rental and watched the second Percy Jackson movie on my iPad while I ran sub 8 miles. It was a much needed workout, and I love Percy, so it was a great way to start the day. I made myself a huge scrambler bowl with spinach, kale, onions, mushrooms, and turkeyroni, and then got to work once I refueled.

Later on, we went out to dinner in Saugatuck at Phil's and I had a very, very, very very very buttery Mahi Mahi dish. It was delicious.

Favorite guilty pleasure movie or TV show? I love me some Percy Jackson, and am also into watching Charmed and Alias while working out. Thank you, Netflix...

Favorite thing to throw into scrambled eggs? A combo of onions, mushrooms, and some kind of greens, all sauteed in oil before I throw the eggs in. Gets me every time!

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