Hurrs Cut & Life Lately

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I am awful about hair cuts. I have been known to go for over a year without one, because I just never want to spend the time or money on it. I have typically worn my hair long, way long, like so long that I swear it hardly matters how often I get it cut because there is no 'style' to uphold:

I typically don't do much to it. I am a big proponent of letting hair air-dry (no, it's not really an advocacy thing, I'm just lazy). Sure, I occasionally blow it dry or straighten it, but not much. That said, the intense cold this winter has caused me to do a lot more blow drying than normal (because who wants to go outside with wet hair in a polar vortex?!).

This means I damaged my hair a bit more than usual. When I started noticing split ends, I knew it was time for the hair doctor.

What on earth is my left hand doing?

I am typically the kind of person that just goes in and asks for a trim, but I figured that it was time to change it up a little, so I brought in this picture and asked for a shorter cut.

I love you Jalba.

The locks went flying and I emerged a shorter-haired woman! I can still get my hair up into a pony tail (barely), which was one of my hard requirements. Can't be baking and working with loose hair, y'know?

In other news, my life lately is a combination of totally lazy and not-so-lazy. 

Lazy? Who cares if you have a chic hair cut when you spend all day in Lululemon and Ellie? Seriously, I must always feel like I am going to the gym. The mere thought of putting jeans on is not interesting to me.

Not lazy? I've been whipping up this amazing lunch for myself pretty frequently lately. Cooked tiny shrimp, diced onion, avocado, feta, and tomato, with a dressing of olive oil, lemon, and pepper. Okay, to be honest, this is still kind of a lazy thing since my shrimp is already cooked and it takes me five minutes to do...

Lazy? Scraping the sludge off of my car with a super old Cosmo magazine found in my trunk instead of asking my husband where the ice scraper is. I am clearly a class act.

Not so lazy? Heading to a coffee shop to force myself to get some solid editing done. I forgot how nice it was to work at a coffee shop with a freshly prepared latte. Nespresso is awesome, but there is something about a coffee shop latte that boosts the experience for me.


  • How often do you cut your hair?
  • What are your lazy moments?
  • Do you ever work in coffee shops, etc?


  1. Ahhh love the hair! What a change! Ugh and I kind of miss my leggings all day long phase. Back to office clothes. This skirt I'm wearing is just not comf when I sit... rude.

  2. I'm so lazy when it comes to blow drying! In the summer I'm very guilty of leaving for work with wet hair. By the time I get there it's dry, so it works.

    Also, a good weekend for me is one where I don't put on real pants. Love living in Lulu.


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