Run 8 Miles, Drink A Beer

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(1) Sometimes, ya just gotta reward a good thing with another good thing. Let's talk about beer now, kay?

You know how they occasionally reward you with beer after running a race? It has only happened to me a few times, like when they handed out beer after the Run for Boston 5k. Apparently, it's a thing.

But, even if it wasn't, I would have still used it to justify drinking a beer literally five minutes after hopping off the treadmill from an 8 mile run.

After all, when the sun is setting and your husband offers you a beer, you kinda have to go with the flow, right?

(2) Speaking of long runs... I have really only been doing them over the last year, because I used to just get so bored that I couldn't push myself to run for long periods of time. Enter Netflix, which I clearly rave about enough on this blog, yet still insist on mentioning...

My husband and I share a Netflix account, and we are giving it a serious headache. My husband is all about non-fiction, and in particular, he tends to like entrepreneurial and financial documentaries (I just spelled entrepreneurial correctly on my first try, so go ahead and clap for me for a second right now). 

Meanwhile, I am fiction all the way. And, because of watching Netflix while working out, I'm all about the intense action and super strong women (inspiring mid-run, no?). I am big on Alias, Nikita, Continuum, and occasionally something a little campy like Charmed. The result? A Netflix account that can't figure out if we are documentary buffs or campy thrill seekers... 

That said, after so many long runs guided almost entirely by Netflix show binging, it's safe to say that Netflix knows me by now. Like, Netflix knows what I consider to be exciting:

Who put the glad in gladiator? Her-Cu-Leeees! (Sidenote: I once got pulled over for speeding because I was so into belting out the words to a song from Hercules that I was leaning a little too hard on the gas!).

So, now that we have discussed running 8 miles, drinking beer, and Netflix, I suppose I will tease you with a picture from tomorrow's post:

What the heck?

  • Do you agree with by beer-is-goof-for-you justification?
  • What other shows should I be watching on the treadmill?

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  1. So funny that you mention having beer after Run for Boston! It was one of our requirements when planning the race. :)


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