The Talented Goemans

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TGIF! Happy Friday and I hope you are all staying warm enough out there.

Have I mentioned that I married into a seriously talented and artistic family? From music to art to photography, they're pretty much got it all covered. 

Last week, we headed to Lansing for my brother in law's art exhibition, titled "Clarkworks." He does a lot of work with ceramics, from sculptural pieces to functional items like bowls and cups. He also does a decent amount of large-scale wall art that is geometric and bright, and has built a few of his own Coracles. Take a look:

Ceramic work, with one of his Coracle boats in the background

Ceramics and Coracle

Canvas work - this is actually six different triangle canvases, hung together

Ceramic skate boards


While we were there, we also got a tour of the facility where he is producing all of this artwork. He showed us the soda kiln he uses for some of his work, and the row of kilns where he does other pieces as well.

It was really neat to see the place where so much art is made! I was never very good at ceramic work because I don't have the patience for the process, so I admire people who are able to really take the time and energy to get things right. Not to mention how much of a talent it is to even be able to create new designs and molds, which my brother in law does.

  • Do you enjoy going to art exhibitions?
  • Have you ever taken a ceramic or pottery class? Did you find it difficult?

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