Travel Time

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If you know me, you know I'm not very good at staying in one place. Heck, I can't even work at the same table all day, and I end up moving around with my laptop from place to place.

This is especially true when the weather gets bad. As everyone knows, the midwest was completely slammed this winter. I am between Chicago and Michigan, and Chicago has been insanely cold, while Michigan has gotten more snow than ever. Basically, I'm stuck between a rock and a cold place.

I feel like there are two options here: take advantage of this crazy snowy winter weather, or simply just escape it.

Can't choose one? Me either. So, I'm about to do both.

My next two weekends consist of some crazy temperature and terrain swings. We are taking a ski weekend (okay, snowboard for my husband) up in Northern Michigan this weekend, and the following weekend I will be flying down to Naples, Florida for some heat.

I figure this way I can get the best of both worlds, but it does mean a mere 4 days in between to regroup and completely pack my bag with very, very different clothing. Oh, well. At least I won't have to do any laundry in between!

  • Do you like to experience and take advantage of the cold, or escape it?
  • Are you planning any winter weather escapes? Where to? I feel like everyone I know is going to Scottsdale or Palm Springs. Both places are pretty solidly warm, so I can't blame them!

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