Valentine's Day Weekend

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We celebrated Valentine's Day weekend in Chicago, and spent some time visiting with my parents as well. My husband and I headed up to my parents' on Thursday night.

On Friday morning, I worked most of the morning and then headed to the gym... downstairs. I had a 6 mile run planned, and busted it out while watching - you guessed it - Netflix. Once 6 miles were up, I spent a while walking and then did some abs.

I followed this until mile 6, when I started 'freestylin' aka jogging at 6mph

There is clearly something wrong with my Polar Heart Rate Monitor, because there is no way this is accurate. It was a good workout, but my heart rate definitely did not reach 204 (I would have probably felt on the verge of death if it had). What's up with that? Do I need to replace my battery?

Did I die and come back to life?

Once my workout was done and dusted, I took a shower and started getting ready for Valentine's Day errands. I realized that I had packed nothing red or pink to wear, and I am a festive girl so this was unacceptable. I took the liberty of raiding my sister's closet and came up with this. The benefits of having a same-sex sibling who is a similar size.

I'll take it!
After I was sufficiently dressed in Valentine's worthy garb, I headed out to pick up some Valentine's Day necessities for the meal I was preparing. My dad recently had surgery and my mom has been busy taking care of him, so I wanted to make a nice meal not only for my husband but also for my parents. I headed to Mariano's Grocery to pick up filets, brussels sprouts, sage, dried apricot, and arugula.

En route, I savored the green juice I had brought from Holland the day before.

My dad had requested a chocolate cake, so my next stop was Portillo's to pick one up. They make such a good chocolate cake, and I am more of a cook than a baker anyway, so it was definitely worth it to leave this one up to the pros (also: less mess to clean up). 

I also picked up lunch for my dad, husband, and I. I went with a chicken breast, sans sandwich, and the staff at Portillo's kept yelling out that I wanted mine "nudie." It was funny. 

Once I got home, I ate my nudie, did a little more work, and then poured myself a glass of wine around 4 as I prepped for dinner. 

My husband knows how to give gifts. While I gave him a Gymboss workout timer, he gave me a David Yurman. Clearly I got the better end of the deal, honey.

I made an appetizer of dried apricots with melted aged cheddar cheese and sage, which was delicious and hard to stop eating. I also prepared roasted brussels sprouts with parmesan and maple syrup, a side salad of arugula and whatever veggies/nuts I could find in my mom's fridge/pantry. My husband roasted up the filets around 6:30 and we went to town.

Dinner fixings, and yes, that would be my plate with two wine glasses. 

After dinner, we were all pretty full and tired, so we laid low. My husband and I started watching the new season of House of Cards and we went to bed early.

The next morning, we met my friend Sara and her husband at Meli Cafe. It is both of our favorite lunch spot in the city, so there was not even a discussion about where we would meet for brunch. It was just Meli's, assumed.

Double fisting like a champ

After brunch, my husband and I headed over to East Bank Club for a workout. My friend is a member and gave us a guest pass for the day, so we made sure to get in a killer workout and took our time.

We left sore and happy, so clearly it was a success. Afterward, we headed to West Loop. I had my final laser hair appointment at Ellehome Med Spa, and it was a painful but necessary fifteen minutes.

Post-pain, we headed back to my parents' house. I had been steeping lemon rind and vodka at my parents' for a while, so I finally strained it and combined with homemade sugar syrup to make some homemade limoncello (I used this recipe). 

God bless my parents for putting up with all of my weird experiments...

My aunt and uncle stopped by, and we hung out with them for a while before having Bill's Pub pizza for dinner and ordering a movie.

Sunday consisted of a lame attempt at a workout (I was cranky, it happens randomly sometimes), an awesome church service, and a visit from our best man. It is always nice to see people you love smiling!

On the way back from church, we had stopped at Sunset grocery to pick up some dinner fixings. I was surprised to see that they now offer a beer counter in the grocery! My kind of shopping, but probably not at noon on a Sunday.

We put together a delicious meal and then spent a few hours helping my parents re-do their internet and wireless set up. Or, I should say, my husband did that... and I sat on Realtor.com and played house.

You win some, you win some.


  • How was your Valentine's Day? 
  • Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions? I am not much of a traditionalist, and I end up changing  things up all the time, but I love learning about other people's traditions so I can try them out!

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  1. My husband and I made filets too!!! By the way... are you from Libertyville!?

    1. Yum! :)
      I am not originally from there but my parents moved there during my high school years so I graduated from LHS and they still live there now! Why?


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