A Case for Detroit

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Pro tip for packing: If you're bringing another purse and you don't want to ruin it, fill it with some clothes (kind of like packing paper) before putting it in your suitcase.

On Friday, my husband and I headed to Detroit for a sports-themed weekend. Actually, we only had one sports item on the agenda, but it was the catalyst for this trip so we're calling it Pistons Weekend.

It was a super easy, short drive. Our travel karma must be intact, because we had an amazing room at the Crowne Plaza. Great views of the downtown city of Detroit as well as views of the river and Windsor, Canada on the other side.

After we got settled, we did some Yelping to find a dinner spot. I had initially planned to eat at The Jefferson House in the hotel, but since we managed to get into town and settled at the hotel fairly early, we figured why not explore something else?

We finally decided on London Chop House. It had great reviews, they were able to seat us quickly, and I love their crest, so it was already winning in my book. The ambiance here was fabulous - it reminds me of a speakeasy and felt very authentic (as opposed to the trendy places that are trying to recreate a speakeasy but really just end up being extremely pretentious... I won't name names).

First order of business on our mini vacation? Booze. We fawned over the wine list but in the end opted for Makers Mark Old Fashioneds. 

The meal was delicious - I had some short rib comfort food and my husband had the filet - and we had a nice and easy (if not slightly tipsy) walk home from the restaurant. 

The next morning, we headed to Honest John's in the Midtown area for some breakfast. We had heard good things about a revival in this area, so we thought we would try it out. It was fairly safe, but the bathroom graffiti was redonkulous.

If booze is the first order of business at dinner, coffee is clearly its breakfast equivalent. Remember what I said about lipstick?  At least I am consistent.

We both had an omelet with far too many hashbrowns, and it did the job.

We followed breakfast with some sightseeing from the car. Detroit is pretty mind blowing because it truly feels like luxury side by side with ruins. Like you are simultaneously seeing the before and after of a dystopian novel gone wrong. Some spots are extremely nice, beautiful, opulent, and well maintained. Other areas... not so much.

After a while, my husband had some work he needed to check in on, so we went to Grand Trunk Pub in search of a beer and free wifi. Turns out we picked the right place. Your first bloody or mimosa is $7, but then they're $1 each after that. Sure, bring me another. Why the heck not.


Clearly, after this, I was in need of a siesta. I konked out for an hour or two and eventually woke up to my husband telling me it was time to get ready for the game. Hard knock life.

I donned red and blue for the Piston's... and finally got a chance to wear this red blazer.

Because the Detroit area is so hit or miss, the Palace of Auburn Hills was moved to the suburbs (Auburn Hills). So, we had about 30 minutes of driving between us and the game. I grabbed some trusty Starbucks to help me pick back up after a groggy nap, and we hit the road.

We went to the Palace Grille, a restaurant on the premises that is actually quite nice, and then made our way to the seats. Our seats were awesome. We were behind the Pistons bench, so it was the players (and family members behind them), then the press row, then us. 

You can imagine, my husband was thrilled. I am typically not a sports fan, but I can honestly say that I loved this game. It makes such a difference to be up close, and it felt like we are in on the tension.

Another highlight? Look, mom! I'm on TV! We're in the top right, and I am wearing a red blazer.

After the game, we headed back to the hotel. We stopped into Urban Cellar, the hotel bar, for a glass of wine (me) while my husband took care of a bit more work. I figured, yes, I could go upstairs to bed, but isn't it more fun to drink a glass of wine next to your hard working husband?

Sunday morning, we were both pretty exhausted. We headed to The Hudson Cafe (kudos again to Yelp). It seemed like a good idea, but it was FREEZING COLD and I totally underestimated the length of the walk it would require (it took ten minutes but I told my husband it was "just around the block"), so we were not prepared for the cold.

Oh, well. You win some, you lose some. At least I rewarded myself with this brekkie.

Post-brunch, we made our way back to the hotel (I learned from our trip there and decided to actually jog the way back so I would stay warmer) and checked out. We hopped in the car, and headed home. Clearly, Siri knew we were close to Canada... because she converted our directions into km for the first bit of the trip!

  • Do you ever do mini weekend vacations? Where?
  • Do you like sports or just endure them? Typically I am in the endure camp, but I truly enjoyed being this close to the game and it made me way more 'into it' than usual.


  1. Fun! We've done mini vacations in Milwaukee a few times and go to Detroit a lot, since I grew up in the Detroit 'burbs!

    1. Nice! I liked Detroit more than I expected to. Milwaukee is also a fun weekend trip! Good beer :)

  2. Week-end getaways are the best...Milwaukee, Traverse City, and Nashville have been a few of my favorites.


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