How To Fake Being a Morning Person

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Want to get up early to hit the gym (or whatever else you would do by waking up early)? This post is about to change your life.

You can ask my siblings, husband, or parents, and they will all warn you that I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! But, as they would also attest to, I am extremely cranky without a workout. So, I have had to develop some ways to trick myself into waking up early, even though I hate loathe despise waking up early.

How To Fake Being a Morning Person

1. Set things out. 

If you are not a morning person, chances are that you have at least some energy at night. Before going to bed (I know you want to just crawl in, but wait a second!), set out your stuff. Why? Because this way, you won't have to even THINK about what you are doing while your brain is trying to wake up. You can just DO.

Grab EVERYTHING you need and make EVERYTHING easy on yourself. If you are sleeping in a bed with a significant other you don't want to wake up, try stashing everything you need in the bathroom the night before.

Things to set out:
  • Clothing: Grab your shorts, top, underwear, sports bra, socks, and shoes. If you are going to need a jacket or something like that, grab that too.
  • Hair stuff: Make sure you have a hair band on your wrist or something easily accessable.
  • Contacts/glasses/anything else you need to do before heading out.
  • Caffeine: If you have any special wake-up drink, have it ready and visible. I like using Mio, so I set out the little mio bottle and sometimes even a cup so that I can easily make my drink without even thinking.
  • Pack your gym bag: Need a yoga mat? towel? anything you need to bring, set it out.

2. Force the issue with an alarm. 

But, not just any alarm. There is such a thing as alarm optimization.

First, make it an exciting, upbeat song. I recently started using Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines because it starts with "Everybody get up!" and as soon as I hear it, I think... He's talking to me! I have also been known to use Benny Benassi, because how can you not want to dance?

Second, write yourself a note on your alarm that is simultaneously kind of funny and also makes you feel like crap if you don't get up. Acceptable messages include:

  • Beyonce is already at the gym!
  • If Katniss could survive the Hunger Games, you can get your ass to the gym.
  • If Britney survived 2007, you can get to the gym.
  • Run or be cranky later.

3. Oblige by the ten minute rule and pretend your bed is full of molten lava. 

Even if you do all of the above things right, YOU WILL STILL NOT WANT TO WAKE UP. Do NOT let yourself hit snooze. 

If you are not a morning person, it sucks to wake up, but just get yourself the hell out of bed ASAP and everything will be better in ten minutes. It is really only the first few minutes that suck, and you have to get out of bed as fast as you can. Like, pretend your bed is full of lava that will burn the heck out of you if you don't JUMP DON'T STEP to the nearest floor.

"But what if I don't have an alarm set?" Even if you are not trying to get to a time-sensitive event and you don't set an alarm, you should get out of bed ASAP as soon as you are conscious. Yes, staying in bed feels awesome. Yes, cat napping is the shit. But, I know for a fact that if I keep going back to sleep, not only will I waste most of my day doing absolutely nothing, but I will also be CRANKIER THAN IF I JUST GOT OUT OF BED IN THE FIRST PLACE! As I said before, it's just the first ten minutes. Then everything is pretty golden.

4. Put it all together - Make a plan. 

Decide the night before what you are going to do for your workout and write it down in a notebook or on your phone. 

If you are planning to go to a class, make sure you have set yourself up in #1 with all of the tools you need.  Plan your alarm (#3) to work with your plan, too. 

Example plan: Let's say I am going to a hot pilates class tomorrow at 6am (which I used to do). 
  1. SET THINGS OUT: I pack my bag for the morning. Since I am running, I pack a light back pack with my yoga mat, a towel, and a water bottle. I set my bag out next to the door. I also make sure before going to bed that I choose my outfit (including a light jacket to wear as I run there) and set it out on the table where I will be changing, and that I make my caffeine, hair tie, and contacts easily visible as well.
  2. ALARM: I want to run there, so I will need to leave by 5:40. That means I need to wake up at 5:20 in order to do that, so I set my alarm for 5:20. 
  3. HOT LAVA: When my alarm goes off, jump out of bed like I am running from Jack Bauer. 

And there you have it! 

Anyone have other suggestions for trying to be a morning person? Share in the comments below!


  1. I am a BIG fan of the sleep cycle app. Waking up at the high point of my sleep cycle (rather than when I am in deep sleep) seems to make a big difference. I can't very well delay getting out of bed because I KNOW the app is right. Plus, sometimes it wakes you up a little early which gives me time to stretch or check the weather or email. :)

    1. SO true! I used to use that, too! It works really well!

  2. I wrote a post on this last year when I was a morning workout gal, but lately I've been a fan of lunch workouts. I need to take my own advice! http://www.livehalffullblog.com/2013/01/07/10-tips-for-working-out-in-the-morning-and-not-hating-it/

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