Naples Pt 1... Somebody Get Me a Juice Cleanse

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I am hanging out in the 80 degree weather in the Naples, Florida area this weekend, and let me just say that I am trying my best to stock up on my Vitamin D so that I can survive the rest of winter in the Midwest... I'm sorry I can't bring any back for you.

My wakeup on Friday morning was 4:30am. The only way to make this happen is with an iPhone alarm and lots, lots, lots of emojis.

I somehow managed to get to the airport with all of my toiletries, limbs, and electronics intact... except for my iPhone charger. I pulled a Carly and left my iPhone charger plugged into the wall next to my bed. What can I say, life is hard at 4:30am. 

Just chilling with Tory, Diane, Apple, Lulu, and Sperry. My travel BFFs.

Another thing that is hard at the butt crack of dawn? (Besides anything, ever...) --> FLYING! We booked the trip last minute, so I flew Spirit on my way into Florida and am flying United back. The thing about Spirit is they do not give you any food or drink. Like, not even a cup of crappy water. You have to pay like five bucks for a tiny water bottle. Not my jam.

So, as soon as we landed, I was on a mission to hydrate. A huge Smartwater did the job.

Are you making me smarter?

After a quick stop to drop my bags off, we headed to the ballpark. We had second row seats, so I really could not complain. The Boston Red Sox played the Minnesota Twins. Despite not knowing (or caring) a bit about baseball, I enjoyed a Bud Light (and a bag of pistachios I smuggled in, don't tell) and had a great time. 

Don't know, don't care, I am loving the sun.

This was followed by a series of shrimp and tuna, which left me extremely stuffed and ready to pass out. I woke up early the next morning to go on a run, but it was only 55 degrees at 6:45am, so I grabbed my lulu jacket since I was a dummy and didn't bring pants.

Look who's excited to wear shorts outside!

I ended up doing a combination of sprints and walks. I have been planning on a Paleo/Primal March for quite a few weeks now, so I was determined to make my March 1st workout count. I sprinted all out and then walked or jogged for a while in between.

Other things that happened: Amazing swordfish on the beach.

Oh yeah. Swordfish is dreamy. 

Shrimp. More shrimp. The image below used to be a plate of coconut shrimp, but... well, then they all disappeared. I truly do not know what happened.

I would do it all over again.

Hanging out in Olde Naples.

And eating far, far, FAR too much dessert. No I did not eat all of this... but I am going to be stuffed for a while. Don't get mad at me when I go on a juice cleanse upon returning to the Midwest...

Let's talk about dessert.



  • Do you indulge in dessert or are you healthy on vacation?
  • Do you try to get in workouts while on vaca or just live by 'when in Rome?'

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