Home Staging - Downstairs Edition

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Once we had revealed the gorgeous hardwood floors that were original to our 1920s house, the next step was to make it truly look lived in.

At first, we considered using our own furniture to do the staging. Everything we owned was in a storage unit, so it would involve having movers unload that unit for a while and then reload it, and we would have to sort through the unit to decide which pieces to use. Not to mention that the majority of our furniture (with the exception of our couch and kitchen island) is mid century and somewhat delicate and pricy.

As we were considering this (and believe me, I was pushing for it), our realtor suggested having a stager help out. For about the same amount of money that it would cost us to unload and reload our unit, we could have someone else's furniture and not worry quite as much about any damage it might endure.

So, we did it. And it ended up being quite a good decision, because I think the furniture we ended up with in here fits the house well, while still allowing a lot of room for vision and creativity.

Remember that empty living room? It turned into a peaceful and homey spot.

Same goes for the dining room. Before...


Clearly, it was kept very simple - no tv in the living room, and only a 2 person table in the dining room (which could easily fit a larger one).

I think the idea is to put in just enough that buyers understand how the room could be used, but not so much that they feel like it can't be their own home.


  • Have you ever staged a home?
  • Have you ever been through a staged home? What do you think?

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