House Update - Meet The Project!

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As some of you know from reading this blog, my husband and I recently moved to Michigan to renovate and sell a house he has owned for 7-8 years. We stayed with my in-laws while we made the changes and then quickly listed the house. Things ended up moving faster than anticipated, so you may know from Instagram that the house is already sold.

We actually sold it at the end of February. So, we moved, updated, and sold the house within two months. We move fast, people. So fast that it was all over before I got a single blog post up. Bad blogger!

For now, here's a bit of an intro of how the house looked before we made changes:

My husband bought this house when he was pretty young. It's about 1,500 square feet, has three bedrooms, and 1.5 baths. Not too tiny (especially moving from the Chicago rental market!), but also not quite the amount of space we wanted for two people who work from home and need two offices.

The home is bungalow style, built in 1926. It has a few features that were considered 'upgrades' at the time, such as brick all the way around the home (lots of homes during that era of building skimped on costs by doing brick only on the front half of the home instead of all the way around).

It also has porches both on the front and back of the house. On the front of the home, there is a large, well-protected 3 season porch with a fabulous view of the park, which the house sits right across from.

The porch at the back of the home functions like a mud room, and allows for a large entry to the back from the garage.

Note: I took these images before our old renters moved out, so please excuse their furniture and clutter!

On the first floor, there was a large living room, small dining room, and kitchen, as well as a very small bath. We didn't alter the layout, but we did make some changes, such as exposing the gorgeous wood floors (coming soon!).

Note: I took these images before our old renters moved out, so please excuse their furniture and clutter!

There was also an appliance situation... I have no idea how old these are, but they were clearly not cutting it. We debated the Great Appliance Crisis of 2014: whether to really splurge on nice, stainless steel appliances, or to go for white appliances that were cheaper but simply way more updated than these.

Go ahead and wonder what we chose, cuz I ain't spilling the beans until its own blog post. :)

Note: I took these images before our old renters moved out, so please excuse their furniture and clutter!

Upstairs is a full bath and three bedrooms. There was beige carpeting through most of the upstairs, but the master bedroom had a pretty hideous shade of purple. This crap was a major headache to remove, but we'll get to that in another post!

And there you have it... the starting off point for our house. I'll be updating soon with some much more drool-worthy images of the final product that we sold. I will be sharing a few of the quick-and-easy updates we did to get that sucker sold...

  • Removing carpeting and exposing natural wood floors
  • Dealing with stubborn old brittle carpet
  • What to do when you reveal floors only to find they are completely nail riddled
  • Super cheap appliance swaps


  • Have you ever done small changes to a house to sell it? What made the biggest difference?
  • Have you ever done a home renovation? What gave you the biggest headaches?


  1. Ah, I can't wait to see what you did to it! xxx

  2. Beautiful home, even before the renovations. It is good that you are able to stay at your in-laws while you are working on the project. Having to stay in some kind of hotel for an extended period would just make things expensive. But, you could always live in one part of the house while working on another. Although you would probably have to rent some simple appliances so you could live normally. http://www.rentasaur.com.au


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