Norwegian Hardwood - Downstairs Edition

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When we first decided to fix up the Holland house for sale, there was one item in particular that seemed like an obvious 'must-do.'

At some point, one of the previous owners had covered up all of the hardwood in this home with carpet. I can't fathom what would possess a person to do such a thing, but my best guess is that they had children or something (personally I'd still rather have hardwood in that situation... less to clean when somebody spills... but we'll see when I get there).

We had never seen the hardwood floors in their entirety, but we had pulled up the corners of the carpet to see what was underneath. It's always a bit of a gamble, because for all you know, the floor underneath could be covered in glue or studded with unsightly nails. But, we took a leap of faith and decided to pull it up.

In strips, it was pulled out of the room and trashed. We later learned we should have saved some of it, but that's another story for another blog post...

It made a pretty incredible and immediate difference in the aesthetic of the house.

Once we had successfully revealed the hardwood floors downstairs, it was time to clean. We didn't want to use too much chemical on a newly naked floor, so I bought basic hardwood cleaner and brought over a swiffer to clean it.

There was a dance party, attendance of 1, and the floors ended up perfectly clean.

Finished with the downstairs floors, the next step was tackling the upstairs of the house. Let's just say it was full of hiccups...


  • Have you ever ripped out carpet? Did you think it was hard? 
  • Thoughts on carpet vs hardwood?

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  1. We ripped out the carpet in my boyfriend's house (built in 1913). We were lucky downstairs. The hardwood floors were still in tack and were easily refinished. We weren't as lucky upstairs though and ended up going with all new carpet up there. On the bright side, the dog loves the carpet upstairs (carpet is a totally new concept for her!)


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