A Day In The Life - May 2014 Edition

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It's been quite a while since I did a "day in the life" post, so I figured I'd break that habit now that I'm in a new city. Life is kind of all over the place lately, because there are odds and ends of house things and organizing to do. For me, I need a serene, unpacked, peaceful environment in which to do my design work and write, so it is key that I nail this first in order to be productive later.

Wake up is around 6:45. I walk the dog with my husband and then we have coffee together while we make and eat breakfast.

Once he starts working around 8:15, I do the same - I fire off a few email replies, publish the post on Clara's Mint Juleps, and then get ready for yoga.

Yoga is at 9:00, and I live so close that I can easily leave at 8:52 and still have time to walk there, check in, find a spot, set up my mat, and lay there in shavasana for a few minutes.

10:15. After yoga, I am sweaty and exhausted, but I decide to get the rest of my sweaty chores in, so I drop my yoga mat at home and head out shortly thereafter. 

My plan is to run to an organic store to buy nutritional yeast, which I need because I've just decided to go dairy free for a few days (I live on well-structured impulses, people), and God knows I can't go cheese-free without my favorite cheese subsitute. It's like a half way house for cheese addicts.

Gotta have my nutritional yeast

There is a great farmer's market only about a half mile from me, but they don't seem to have very many dry goods, and I know the store farther away has it in bulk. So, at about 10:50, I jog the 1.5 miles, buy the nutritional yeast (as well as some hemp seed, lemons and limes, apple cider vinegar, and ball jars) and stuff it all in my backpack to jog home.

"Nourish" Organic Market

I make a few random stops on my way home to peek into local stores, because I'm still learning the neighborhood. I end up getting home around 11:30. As I jog home, it starts to get cold, but thankfully I do not get rained on. Yay for timing!

I stop to take this picture (below), because there is something awesome about places in the city where the asphalt wears away to reveal the old school brick roads. If I drove a lot more, I would probably hate this. But, I am mostly a pedestrian now that we are back in a city environment, so I am able to find beauty in it. Yay for finding beauty in things you can't change!

11:45. I sit down and work for a bit, but am reminded that I have another somewhat work-related errand to run. I need jalapenos for the blog recipe I'm making tonight - jalapeno garlic turkey burgers - and I also wanted to grab some dust masks so that I can start whacking the tile out of the upstairs bathroom when I get the urge.

Note: Know thyself. For me, that means having things on hand to set myself up to do projects when I feel like it, because when I am in the zone, there is no stopping me and I get a helluvalot done. So, this day, it meant buying dust masks. Life is weird sometimes.

12:30. I hit up a grocery store for jalapenos and Ace Hardware for dust masks and some grilling supplies my husband asked for. They are not more than a mile away, but it's drizzling now, so I actually drive there.

1:00. I spend about an hour in the kitchen prepping the turkey burgers (and taking pictures), making herb aioli, and drinking a refreshing juice (mint + cucumber + apples). If you haven't noticed, I cook when I'm procrastinating. But, whatever. Dinner is always superb, and if it's original, it's blog fodder, so I'm not mad about it.

Around 2pm, I finally coax myself into a shower and then at 2:20ish I sit down to work (this is kind of abnormally late for my in general, but like I said, things have been wonky since we moved). I start this blog post, send a few work emails, and edit a bit of my second novel.

I feel a little guilty, because the book is about 97% finished and I only have two - TWO!!! - scenes left to write. But, it's the ending, and I have to nail it. So, if I don't feel inspired, I don't write.

Sometime in the afternoon, a delivery shows up, which totally distracts and derails me in a good way, and I open the heavy box to find a delivery of spirits from Prairie Organic Spirits. I am developing some vodka infusions, and they threw in some other tasty treats for me as well.

I plan to start the infusions in the afternoon, but instead, I decide to pour myself a drink around 5:30 and write. I throw together a cocktail with the cucumber vodka, the juice from half a lime, 4 drops liquid lemon stevia, ice, and soda water. It is refreshing, delicious, and just the right thing to get me firing words out of my fingers.


6:15. My husband finishes working, but I still write for another few minutes. Finally, around 6, we fire up the grill and make some taaaaaaaaasty burgers.

Post-burgers, we walk around town for a while and get froyo (thereby totally ruining my no dairy thing, but hey, yolo...?).

8:00 try to watch an episode of Dexter (we're trying to get into it... it's slow), and eventually switch to the movie Butter around 9:00. We actually watch the entire thing, and I am in love with Jennifer Garner.

  • Have you watched Dexter? Do you like it? Am I finally going to get into it? Only on Episode 3...
  • What's your favorite cocktail infusion? Give me ideas!

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