Installing A New Stove - Goodbye Ole Whitey

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We have now officially been in this house for a week, and the tweaks have already begun.

At first, we thought we may be able to hack it with the old white stove for a little while. The rest of the appliances are stainless steel, so despite wanting a new stove to match that, we weren't sure we could justify buying a new one for purely cosmetic reasons when there are other, bigger projects calling us (I'm preparing to go at the bathroom with a freaking hammer).

But, there's always a contingency clause, and for us, keeping Ole Whitey was contingent upon cleanliness and functioning. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Ole Whitey ended up with a few issues...

First, the clock didn't work. We tried setting it a few times and it would seem to work but then the next morning it would be back to flashing --:--. <--what's up with that?

Second, it was missing a rack inside (it had only one), meaning we could only cook one thing at a time. I need a high functioning oven because I like to cook ALL THE THINGS. We could probably have bought some new racks, but it felt like 'polishing a turd' to do that. You can fancy it up all you want, but it's still a stinking turd.

I can't believe I am referencing turds on my blog.

Third, it's an old stove, so it was DIRRRRRTY inside (see above). Could we have cleaned it? Yes. Did we want to clean the heck out of a stove with problems #1 and 2? Nope.

After a while, my husband managed to convince me we needed to just buy a new stove. I was on the fence about it for a while, but he kept reminding me that I use the stove at least once a day (usually twice, but who's counting?!), so it would not only be a good investment for the kitchen, but also a good investment into my daily experience.

The fact that I resisted for a while still amazes me. You want to buy me a new stove? Twist my arm already!

We ended up ordering a new one from Best Buy. We wanted something stainless, gas-run, and with burners that have varying intensities. There is not a lot of space for the stove in this kitchen, so we replaced it with the same size we had before, which is 30 inches.

Our dishwasher is GE, and we ended up getting the same brand for the stove, but it was somewhat unintentional.

Why did we go with Best Buy? They had the best deal on the stove we wanted, they offered free delivery, and they were willing to recycle the old stove.

They delivered the stove a few days later, but it was up to us to actually hook it up. We turned off the gas and got to work, and it ended up being pretty simple: Just attach the gas to the new stove (it screws in; ours had an adapter we removed from the old stove and kept), seal it, and plug the stove in to the wall (aka get power). Then, all you have to do is scoot it into place without scratching your floor.

Now that it is in place, I am in love with it. It really did make a huge difference both visually and functionally, and I think it helps the kitchen look a bit more "grown up" and cohesive.

The design of the stove also helps hide a design oddity of our kitchen. Because the top of the new stove is curved/domed instead of flat, it doesn't make it as obvious that the stove, itself, is actually overlapping somewhat with the doorway trim. We have considered doing a renovation to shave off some of the counter/cabinet space in order to get rid of this overlap, but at this point, it seems like a lot of cost for a somewhat minor issue, so this was a nice tweak for the meantime.

There is also a neat feature on this stove that will allow me to very efficiently heat my huge pots - such as my large oval le creuset. In the center, there is a tall, oval burner that will be perfect for those kind of crockpot-like shapes.

 And there you have it. So far, so good. Now, let me get back to cooking...

  • Do you think it is a big improvement?
  • Have you ever replaced a stove?
  • What "changes" do you think go the farthest in updating a kitchen?

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