Sell My House: Master Bedroom Edition

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Taking care of the floors downstairs was pretty easy and simple. The floor was in decent condition - good enough to show that they are good quality floors and add some character to an otherwise underwhelming interior. 

But, then we got upstairs, and things got a little... hectic. 

This is a saga worthy carpet story (seriously, it was a soap opera at the time), so for now, I'll cover the first 'uh-oh' we endured upstairs, and get to the rest of it in my next house post. Like leaving you with a cliff hanger on Friday's 10am Soap Opera. No, I don't watch Soap Operas. Stop judging.

Anyway, we worked on the front and master bedroom first. While most of the house was covered in a beige colored carpet, this front room had been adorned with a crazy purple color. It was clearly done at a different time than the rest of the house, because it was glued down to the floor along with the carpet pad.  

When we tried to pull it up, it was so brittle that the carpet padding would break off in tiny pieces. Imagine trying to peel up an entire bedroom floor, crumble by crumble.

Underneath, the floor was covered in glue and would clearly need to be re-carpeted. We would probably not have been able to completely remove everything, and even if we had been able to, we would have severely damaged the floors and incurred a huge cost to change them (incurring a huge cost as you are selling the house = not the most thrilling prospect).

In the end, we chalked it up to a success. Let's be real, that color was not going to fly in the resale market... so we were going to need to remove the carpet, either way.

So, we ended up re-carpeting this room with a frisee in a neutral color that would complement the wood elsewhere, but would still be easy on the eye (but how hard is it to improve upon purple?).

Once we had done that, it was time to turn this place into a real bedroom. And that, my friends, is where the staging comes in.

I like that this room has super simple staging that is extremely neutral. If you turn a buyer off with some crazy furniture, you've pretty much defeated the purpose of staging a home.

  • Have you ever staged a home for resale? Any tips/tricks to share?
  • Have you ever dealt with stubborn carpet? How did you handle it?

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