A Superbly Parental Weekend

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This weekend, my parents came to visit. We toured around and showed them the ins and outs of our new city, and many drinks were had.

There was also pizza and filet mignon.

On Friday, my parents arrived just before dinner. My dad had a hankering for both pizza and beer, so thankfully, there are a few breweries in Grand Rapids that specialize in pizza.

One of these beers was called "Lil Sebastian" which, if you watch Parks and Rec, is amazing.

We ended up heading over to Harmony Brewing Company. We were seated immediately, and we proceeded to have a delicious meal.

They have some really delicious pizza combinations (sea salt and cracked pepper tossed arugula with feta and slices of thick prosciutto? Count me in!), but I did feel like their pizzas were slightly undercooked. Everything else was perfect, so I think it can be remedied by just asking them to leave them in an extra minute or two until they're crispy.

Afterward, we headed back home and watched our wedding video (we finally have it!).

The next morning, we started with a yummy brunch at Terra. As usual, everything was amazing. This is fast becoming a favorite brunch spot, regardless of city.

We went back to the house and gathered our things to drive to Holland for a beach and boating day. The weather looked great, so we grabbed our swim suits and set out.

By the time we got to Holland, the weather was still decent, but it slowly cooled down so that it was comfortable but not quite perfect for sunning. Darn you, June in the Midwest! We bundled up and took a cruise on the boat with my in-laws and sister in law.

Afterward, we all banded together to prepare a feast for 10. We made steaks, a big salad, and a delicious veggie dish that reminded me of a cheesy Ratatouille.

We drove home late that night and went straight to bed.

Sunday morning, we headed over to Cherie Inn, which is one of my new favorite breakfast places, too. It is a bit understated, which is what I like about it. The exterior and interior are both simple and somewhat traditional, but then the menu blows your mind with its interesting combinations, and the food is delicious.

Afterward, we drove around the city a bit to show my parents around. We drove to the east side and went to Reed's Lake to show my parents how easy it was to get from our city-living to some good old lake life.

Once my parents left in the afternoon, my husband reminded me that the US was playing in the World Cup. We decided not to get cable (we have done this in every place we have lived together so far), so we would need to head to a pub for dinner, beer, and soccer.

I donned my USA gear and we headed to The Green Well, where we found seats at the bar and had beer, dinner, and 95 seriously nailbiting minutes.

And that, my friends, is a wrap for the weekend! We're gearing up for another fabulous weekend with my cousin (the mixologist queen) who is coming to visit with her main squeeze!


  • Did you watch the game?
  • What's so great about your favorite breakfast joint?

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