Long Live The Art of Brunch

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This is a season of re-adjustment for me, as we have moved to a completely new city and I have begun a new season of my career. 

Part of my adjustment, thank God, has involved lots and lots of brunch.

When we were living in Chicago and life was a lot more hectic, brunch was undoubtedly a 'thing.' Warm or cold, we would venture out to some of our favorite brunch spots and take our seats to be served a delicious meal. It was always a highlight of the weekend.

But, as I am growing into my new life, I am learning something.

 There is something incredibly intimate about a leisurely brunch at home

whether it is just you and your significant other, 

or you are hosting for family and friends.

I love it...

...the silverware and bowls that are uniquely yours, gifts from loved ones and significant people in your life

...the prosecco cork still sitting on the table, adding to the experience of knowing you are in a comfortable and private place 

...the bacon that is prepared just the way your loved ones like it (...hopefully)

...the coaster with your monogram on it

...the entire bottle of bubbly sitting at your table, allowing you to serve yourself - or choose not to - without fanfare, and without finding a server to place an order

...the ability to completely disregard time, to talk about whatever you want without having strangers nearby, to have intimate conversations uninterrupted by a water refill or being handed the check

I don't want the art of brunch to die. 

The art of hosting, of creating an experience for the people you love. 

The time invested in a delicious table full of food, 

and the leisurely experience of taking as long as you freaking want to eat it. 

Cheers to that.


  1. I love this post! As much as I enjoy going out for brunch on the weekends, this makes me want to do more brunches at home. The way you describe the experience is beautiful! And hosting brunch for a group of friends? That's something we have never done, but it sounds so nice. I am off to pick a date on the calendar!

  2. yhes yes, this really seems tasty. i love brunch myself and always try to make my wife do one for me, maybe even once for dinner every few weeks.. thanks for good ideas!

  3. ....and then the joy of getting to cleaning it all up! ha! I think you forgot that part ;) Seriously, though, I agree. As much as I love going out for brunch, I love making the meal for the husband and myself to enjoy in the comfort of our own home. I still can't ever seem to get the bacon just how he likes it though. One day!


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