Paleo Cinnamon Roll Almond Butter

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I've been in the Vitamix club for almost a year now. I've done smoothies and ice creams galore, but I haven't been particularly adventurous until now.

Then again, is almond butter adventurous at all? It seems a lot of people have already done this.


I got the pro tip from my friend Diane. She suggested freezing the almonds before blending, so that they are cold when you start. Since the Vitamix has such a powerful blade, it can overheat and turn itself off if things get too hot. So, freeze I did. And it worked like a charm.

I also added coconut oil to this recipe. I don't think it is necessary, and I have seen many, many recipes that do not use any oil at all (because nuts have a natural oil of their own that is released during blending). So, if you're not a fan, feel free to omit.

But, including it in this recipe will make your almond butter creamier and smoother, and shoot, it will just taste awesome. Not to mention that coconut oil has some crazy good benefits for your digestive system and skin. The only reason not to include it is if you are limiting your calories and fat. But, let's be real, if that's the case, why on earth are you eating nut butter?!?!?!

[This coming from a paleo afficionado... take it with a grain of salt]

^Speaking of salt, there is a sprinkle of sea salt in this recipe. Another thing you can omit, if you are limiting sodium (which I generally encourage, so go right ahead). It is a very small amount, though, and it truly does bring out the sweetness and flavor.

DID I MENTION HOW CREAMY THIS STUFF IS? It was so difficult to exercise self control as I scooped it out of the vitamix and into a jar. Thankfully, there were a few tablespoons that didn't quite fit into the jar...

Well, you know what happened to those ones ;-)

Paleo Cinnamon Roll Almond Butter


  • 3 cups of almonds, frozen beforehand
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil (I used Carrington Farms)
  • 1 dropper full of Vanilla Stevia Drops (or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and a sprinkle of sugar or stevia)
  • 1/8 tsp salt (just a sprinkle!)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon


  1. Before starting, melt coconut oil in a microwave-safe container, so that it is in liquid form instead of solid. It should take about 30-40 seconds.
  2. Place almonds in the blender. If you are using a vitamix, follow these steps: (1) Turn the vitamix on, on level one. (2) Immediately turn the dial all the way up to 10. (3) Then quickly turn it onto high. (Doing this quickly will help it from overheating - thanks again to Diane for the tip!)
  3. Use the tamper (like a long stick - or if you don't have one, use a sturdy plastic spoon/spatula) to help push the almonds down as they quickly turn from nuts into a meal/flour and eventually into a buttery paste. It took me about 3 minutes.
  4. It will start to look like thick almond butter. At this point, add the coconut oil, vanilla, salt, and cinnamon, and then turn the blender back on and continue to tamp/mix it for another minute or two.
  5. Turn the blender off. Taste test and adjust sweetness/cinnamon/salt to your preferences.
  6. Use a spatula to scrape the almond butter out and into a jar.


  • As far as I can tell from reading around online, this should last about two to three months if kept in the fridge. Good luck keeping it around for that long, though...
  • This fit almost perfectly into a 12 ounce mason jar, with just a few tablespoons left over for you to use on something as a reward for your hard work :)
  • Special ingredients used in this recipe: NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Drops (these are amazing in baked goods, smoothies, coffee, you name it!) and Carrington Farms Coconut Oil.
  • If you don't have a tamper, get one here for only 14 bucks! It makes such a difference!

  • Do you have a special nut butter concoction you make? Any other secret ingredients? I am dying to try one with raw cacao powder, but I am worried it would be too rich for me to enjoy! 

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