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/// 1. /// I am OBSESSED with the show Orphan Black. I can't stop watching it, even though it scares the shite out of me. True story: two nights ago, I needed advil and literally CRIED in fear until my husband agreed to walk me downstairs and get it with me "to protect me from Helena." I really should not be watching this show but I CANT STOP!

/// 2. /// My Jawbone UP finally bit the dust, and I needed something to count my steps or else I feel like I have no data to track! Finally crossed over to the dark side and am experimenting with a FitBit. Any other suggestions?

/// 3. /// My brother sent me this the other day, coincidentally just as my husband and I were complaining that our muscles HURT. SO. BAD. after lifting the day before. Lawd I must admit I like waking up like this.

/// 4. /// Our coffee maker has been going crazy and leaking all over the counter, so we finally stopped using it and went back to the french press for now. I forgot how amazing french press coffee is. It's like drinking velvet.

/// 5. /// MY SUCCULENT IS HAVING TRIPLETS! I have been experimenting with succulent propagation and recently returned from up north to find little baby triplets growing. I am such a proud mom!

/// 6. /// I need this water bottle. Because hydration.

/// 7. /// My sister visited last weekend and the weather was perfect and the sangria was good and and and and and and and... come back!

/// 8. /// I was up in NoMi (Northern Michigan, quit trying to make fetch happen) earlier this month with my in-laws, and had the most glorious time ever. HOW CAN YOU COMPLAIN WHEN THIS IS YOUR LIFE?   <ALSO... find me on instagram!>

/// 9. /// My one year wedding anniversary is coming up SO SOON. One week. How does time fly so fast?

/// 10. /// I am mentally preparing myself for fall by perusing black leather bootsFollow me on Pinterest, let's over-do it together!

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  1. I've never seen that show, but from the looks of the pictures it looks terrifying. Lol.


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