A Quick Chicago Jaunt - Day 1

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Last week, I made a quick, two-night trip to my home city to check in with some important peeps. Family and friends, to be exact. I wasn't able to see everyone, so I'll be making another trip soon, but as far as a short trip goes, I packed it pretty tight!

Tuesday, I took the train in from Grand Rapids to Chicago. I had never taken the train before, but it seemed like a good idea so that I didn't have to deal with having a car in downtown Chicago (traffic.is.the.worst). I was surprised that the train was pretty comfy, with large seats, wifi, and power outlets for every passenger.

Train Selfie!

I arrived at Union Station and freshened up, put my contacts in, etc. Then, I walked across the river to a Starbucks just past Sears (I mean "Willis") Tower to meet a girlfriend for coffee. After a sleepy 4 hour train ride, I needed it!

Post-Starbucks, it had been raining for about thirty minutes and there was a break in the rain, so I decided to haul my suit case and bag over to Ogilvie (another train station not far from Union Station), where I was meeting my aunt for lunch at Chicago French Market.

We had a nice chat, and I had a yummy steak salad from Wisma while my aunt went for some Tofu Pho. Afterwards, I nabbed a few maracons to bring to my next visit, and then I hopped on a train at Ogilvee that was headed to a nearby suburb, Des Plaines. It had already been a long day, so I went for a refreshing Kombucha as a pick-me-up for my train ride. #betterthancoffee

Thirty minutes later, I got off in Des Plaines to meet one of my girlfriends from High School at her apartment, which is literally a block from the train station there. Another HS girlfriend stopped by, and we chatted, drank red wine, and generally just did what girls do when together! Oh, yeah. And we ate the macarons :)

After a few hours passed, and it was time to head to dinner at Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant in Wheeling, another nearby suburb. I rode with my girlfriend, with my bags in the car, and met my ladies.

There was wine. Lots of salads. Some salads, and gnocci. What's better than sharing that with ladyfriends?

That's all for now! Back soon with more downtown Chicago pics :)


  • What's your favorite spot in Chicago?
  • What's your favorite thing to do in your hometown?!


  1. Ah, Chicago, such a beautiful city. My husband and I plan to visit later this year, and your pictures make me even more excited!

  2. That’s quite the packed day. I’m impressed with how all of your plans fit together so well! I didn’t know about the French Market until a few years ago; I’d used Ogilive but never knew about that little gem. And Coopers Hawk! Much less of a ‘hidden’ gem, but delicious all the same! Looks like a great day :)


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