Easy Skinny Margarita

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Ever since my first trip to a local taco joint (Donkey Taqueria), I've been thinking about getting my marg on. I had a delicious, hot pink "prickly pear" margarita, and it has plagued me ever since.

In a good way.

Recently, when we had an at-home taco night, I decided it was time. Prickly pears were nowhere to be found, but I did manage to throw together something simple, healthy, and perfect for taco night.

In case you needed any more convincing, here's why you should make this margarita instead of buying store-bought mix:

  • WAY LESS SUGAR. Store-bought margarita mix has 30-50 grams of sugar per glass. If you are using stevia or a sugar substitute and following this recipe, you will ring in at about 1.1grams. That means a much lower risk of waking up with a headache or getting the munchies after your second glass.
  • WAY LESS CALORIES. It's hard to beat a 74 calorie cocktail. In this recipe, the calories come from the tequila itself (64 calories per shot), and the lime (10 calories per half-lime). That's it. (Note: I'm not trying to get you to count calories here, but when you make the comparison, a 300 calorie frozen margarita becomes more difficult to justify - especially if you're drinking more than one!)
  • IT IS SO EASY. No blender needed. Nothing fancy required. Once you have everything out, you can throw it together in 60 seconds. Seriously, though. Try it.

Easy Skinny Margarita

Servings: 1 Per Recipe
Calories Per Serving: 74 calories


  • Ice
  • 1 shot Tequila (I used the equivalent of 1 shot per drink, because I was prepping these in short rocks glasses - and I consume drinks rather quickly, so I try not to overload each of them with booze. If you like your margs very strong, feel free to bump that up to 1.5. And, if you are making these in a highball glass, go with somewhere in between 1 and 2 shots.)
  • Juice from 1/2 Lime + 1 Lime wedge (I used the juice from 1/2 lime, plus an extra wedge to garnish, for each drink. Feel free to adjust as needed for your preferences)
  • 1 tsp Stevia Syrup or 1 pack Sugar/Sugar Substitute (You can use any sugar or sugar substitute here. I used liquid stevia drops, which require about 1 tsp. If you use sugar or a granulated stevia/substitute, use one pack)
  • Sparkling Water (I have used regular sparkling water, as well as cherry-lime La Croix, so feel free to experiment with anything bubbly and unflavored or mildly flavored here)


  1. Fill glass with ice. 
  2. Pour tequila over the ice
  3. Squeeze lime juice into the cup.
  4. Add sugar substitute.
  5. Top with sparkling water, stir, and serve with garnish.

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  1. Hi again! Somehow I got off track keeping up with your posts, but I'm back at it as you can tell with all of the comments :) I love this! Wine is always my first alcoholic drink of choice, but next comes margaritas. I hate how sugary and high in calories they are though, so this is perfect. We have some friends coming over for dinner this weekend and I'm definitely making these for the girls. Greg won't ever part ways from his frozen margs.


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