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In addition to using my office as... well... an office, I also use the room to store my jewelry and makeup. As a result, I tend to spend a bit of time in there getting ready.

For those of you who are looking to create displays of your jewelry for easy access, here are my tips on doing it in a way that is attractive and not too cluttered.

I place a lot of my items on a mirror that sits on top of my jewelry table. This really serves two purposes. First, it helps me find things. But, perhaps more importantly, it keeps things light and shiny. I feel like the whole purpose of jewelry is to spice and shiny things up, so why not do it with your table, too?!

Tiered Trays.
This was originally a three-level glass hosting tray, which is perfect for hosting a party with cupcakes and hors d'oeuvres. However, I realized that it would be even better when put to use holding my bright, colorful, shiny jewelry.

It makes things easy to see, and because it is made of glass, it lets light down onto the lower levels so that everything is showing up as its true color.

Small cups and holding trays.
I also like to find other small cups, holding trays, and hanging items that can be used to separate out my jewelry and trinkets. This is a ceramic egg holder that holds lip gloss, earrings, bobby pins, and perfume, among other things.

Picture Frames.
I love using picture frames to hold an oddly shaped necklace or two. I tend to choose frames that are shiny or visually interesting, so that they feel like jewelry, themselves. This allows me to throw them in with my jewelry without making them feel out of place.

  • How do you display your jewelry?
  • Do you use any of these techniques?

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