How To Get Ready For Fall - Carly Style

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I like to be prepared. This applies to the changing of the seasons, too.

Summer is by far my favorite (see why?), so I have to really coax myself into accepting fall. Once I convince myself I'm ready, though, it's full steam ahead.

So, here is my somewhat satirical but also admittedly accurate strategy this year. It involves everything from retail therapy to some good old fashioned orchard time. 

Note: These pics come from my insta - FOLLOW ME and let's be friends!

1. Bust out the Lululemon jackets. 

I live in athletic wear during the colder seasons, and I have a feeling that being self-employed is only going to further encourage this habit. In fact, based on Friday's insta, I've already fallen back into it. It was 80 degrees outside, but I was headed to the gym and Costco (which is freezing inside), so I felt justified.

Whether it's Lululemon another of your favorite brands, fall is a great season for being comfy. I'm a big fan of wearing things that can stretch (<--punny) from an outside fall jog to a grocery store run for canned pumpkin!

2. Make reservations for a winery tour weekend. 

We're doing the Harvest Stompede in about two weeks to ring in the new season. Basically, we will be touring around the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail on foot and seeing about 25 wineries, where we will taste wines and sample foods (basically my dream weekend). The first day kicks off with a 5k run, which we are opting to skip - after all, it's not vacation if you have to get up at the butt crack of dawn.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to find something similar nearby (check out this Wineries By State website). You may not be able to find so many in one place like we have here in NoMi, but there are various wineries and distilleries in most of the United States.

3. Bust out the fall boots (and maybe by some more).

Last year, my Frye boots purchase was my initiation into appreciating fall. I am not going to lie, retail therapy works wonders, especially when it comes to easing into a new season. Next up? I need a pair in black...

But, seriously. Why are boots so amazing? I am pretty sure they define fall for most women my age.

4. Go apple picking.

Apple picking is really not that far away - last year, this picture was taken on September 2nd. As in one week from now. This lead to some pretty amazing flourless apple pie.

Why is this awesome for Fall? Because the weather is still nice enough (albeit quite crisp!) to allow for some outside fun, and the end result of amazing fall smells in your kitchen unbeatable!


  • What's your favorite season?
  • What are your tips and tricks for transitioning excitedly?


  1. This post got me really excited for that crisp weather and everything that comes along with it! I'm planning to purchase some new boots soon, and may consider splurging on a pair of Frye boots. Definitely need to get to some wineries too!

  2. Fall has got to be my favorite season too...i mean....THANKSGIVING!?! not much is better. I love apple picking too!


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