One Year

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Y'all, time FLIES! 

This weekend was our first wedding anniversary. We had aspirations to head north, but ended up changing our plans to feature a staycation in our new city.

We started on Friday night with happy hour and a lakeside dinner at Rose's on Reed's Lake. I found a pair of shorts I'd been missing since the move, so I paired it with a crop top I picked up back in April and called it good.

Happy hour at Rose's features a lot of things, but my favorite of them all is $3 Sangria.

We walked around a bit afterward and then headed home for some R&R.

Saturday morning, we headed downtown to San Chez. It was both of our first time there, and we were big fans.

Also, bloody mary. Like whoa. [I love bloodies, and when there is a bloody bar, I tend to try it. But, this time, we had a long day ahead of us, so I only had one. It was hot as hades, so that was probably a good decision!]

After we relaxed at home a bit and exchanged some cards and gifts, we headed back out and drove to Frederick Meijer Gardens.

I would compare this to a large greenhouse / botanical garden / sculpture garden park. If you've ever been, you know how massive the grounds are. We barely even made a dent.


After an afternoon in the sun, we headed back home to cool off and relax. Once dinner time approached, I changed into something a little dressier for our dinner reservation.

We ate at The Chop House, and it did not disappoint. My husband is convinced that this rivals Keefir's in Chicago, which is our favorite steakhouse there.

After dinner, we walked across the street to the Amway Grand and headed up to Cygnus 27. This is a bit like the Grand Rapids version of Chicago's Signature Room, and it had great views in all directions. We made it in time for sunset-watching cocktails.

On Sunday, we knew we wanted to relax and spend some time in Holland. We headed to my in-laws' and went sailing all afternoon with my brother in law and his friend.

There is really not much better than a celebratory weekend filled with good food, lots of walking around, great views, and the one you love.


  • What is your anniversary tradition?
  • What did you do on your first anniversary?
  • Are you following the traditional gift guide for each anniversary, or are you experimenting with your own ideas?

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  1. I swear I just commented but it's not showing up soooo sorry if this shows up twice now. Happy anniversary! looks like a great weekend. You look so cute meditating on the boat ;)


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