DIY Blendicano Recipe - Frappuccino for 10 calories!

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The "blendicano" has been all over the fitness blog world. I don't know who figured it out, but everyone seems to be talking about it (don't believe me? check this out). It is apparently on Starbucks' secret menu, and it consists of espresso, ice, and syrup, blended like a frappuccino -- but sooooooo much healthier. Like, 200 times healthier. And that's not even an exaggeration.

I tried it... and twas amazing.

But, I do have one piece of "beef" with this drink. At Starbucks, your flavor/sweetener options are limited: you can get regular, sugar-laden syrup, or you can get "sugar free" aka full-of-cancer-causing-chemicals syrup. <--neither of those sound too good to me.

So, I decided to tackle it on my own using Nunaturals liquid stevia syrup. Here's my take on the famous blendicano:



  • 3-4 shots of espresso (or, if you don't have an espresso machine, 1/2 cup of really strong brewed coffee will do)
  • 1 cup of ice
  • Sweetener to taste (even with the blendicano, people have different preferences - I'm a 2 pump girl, Sierra likes 4. You dig it? So, with this recipe, I go with one full dropper of liquid vanilla stevia).


  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and blend that stuff up! You may need to use a tamper/spatula to keep things moving at first, but keep blending until the texture resembles a frap. **If things are too thick, try adding water about 2 tbsp at a time until you reach the right consistency!**
  2. Serve! MMmmm, drink it and tackle the world!

Why did I use Stevia?

  • NATURAL. Stevia is made from a plant that is very similar to mint, so it is entirely natural (like sugar). 
  • ZERO CALORIES. Unlike sugar, however, it has zero calories and...
  • HEALTHIER. ...it also does not put you at risk for the myriad of health issues sugar does. 
  • TASTES FREAKING GOOD. Oh yeah. There's that, too.

Liquid Flavors:

Stevia comes in powder (you've probably seen "Truvia" at the stores) and liquid form. When it comes to liquid stevia, Nunaturals have a lot of flavors, which gives you a lot of power to customize your drink. Since I'm not a huge fan of adding things like orange and lemon to my coffee, here are some of the flavors that I think could work (and a link to help you buy them ASAP!).

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  1. Mmm this is the first i've heard of a blendicano! Definitely trying it tomorrow. Annnddd I still need to make your skinny marg recipe too. Looks like I have a full weekend of drink testing to do.


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