Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day Weekend kicked off with a fun run. I headed downtown with my running partner (the prettiest black dog eva) and we explored a bit on the paths by the river.

On my way back, I passed One Trick Pony. It's a local dinner spot that is downtown but slightly off the main drags, and I have always been curious about it. I immediately texted my husband and asked if he wanted to try it. 

So, I got home, answered the remaining emails from the day, and then got ready for dinner. I had just unboxed this Zara Peplum Jacket, so despite it still technically being August, I wore it with black pants. It was actually a bit chilly that night, so it worked out for me!

Any excuse to wear Zara...

Dinner was decent, and we headed home to relax a bit. It had been a pretty long and demanding week at our house, so we wanted to totally veg. After a few hours, we decided to head back out for a little treat, and we went to Furniture City Creamery

Bow down to Queen B.

You're looking at the Dutchess of that little establishment. I think I may have squealed in excitement...

The next morning, we headed over to San Chez, which is fast becoming one of our joints for breaking the fast. I had an egg white scramble with mojo onions, feta, and chorizo, with a side of fruit.

Afterward, we did a bit more relaxing and took a nice, long walk. By the time the afternoon rolled around, it was time for us to start getting ready for the bachelor and bachelorette parties we were goin to that evening.

I popped open the cold brew I snatched up the night before, and it did not disappoint.

A swift kick is good as long as it's not to the face!

I also ran a few errands -- literally. Donning neon clothes and aviators, I ran around like sorority-girl-barbie and grabbed a few things to bring to the party.

Then, it was time to take a shower and get gussied up in all black for a night of shenanigans.

With a black bottle of cava and a tupperware full of vodka soaked gummies, I hopped in my cab and headed downtown to the hotel.

As usual, what happens at a bachelorette party stays at a bachelorette party... but we did have plenty of fun times. I'll leave you with this...

Flash to the next morning, when I was hurting a little bit. Not awful, but enough to warrant heading to Terra for a huge chorizo fritatta and some hair of the dog bloody mary. It did the job, and I chilled out the rest of the day.

A big breakfast held us over until dinner, so we were pretty starving by the time 5pm rolled around. We headed to Harmony Brewing Company for some pizza.

Even the 45 minute wait and poor service could not have made me upset about this pizza. It is just that good.

Monday morning, we woke up prepared for a super productive day. We started by going to the gym bright and early for Body By Science.

Then, I spent an hour in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up after a wonderful brunch feast. 

Afterward, we did a lot of errands, went on a few long walks, tended to the garden, and sat on our front porch watching the rain storm. It wasn't the sunniest, but it was definitely the most relaxing Labor Day.

Oh, yeah. And we got more ice cream. No wonder I'm feeling a little sluggish this week... No regrets!


  • How was your labor day?
  • Do you like ice cream or fro yo?

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