On Changing Seasons

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Summer, for us, has been a season of stay.

Stay in Michigan. Stay by the beach. Stay in our new state, our new house, our new everything. It has been a season of exploring this amazing hidden gem that is West-and-Northern Michigan, and the unreal, crispy clear water and white sand beaches it holds.

It. has. been. insane.
<--in a goooooood way. I have become accustomed to gorgeous vistas, hot dune climbs, and the wavering bumps of riding in a boat. I've had a permanently packed beach bag for three months, and yeah, I've actually used it, sometimes many times in a week.

Can you blame me?

But, that season of sunny relaxation is waning, giving way to something also great but entirely different. Next up is fall (duh) and lades and gentleman of the jury, it is already here.

Fall is shaping up to be a season of go. Go to weddings. Jetset to Florida, Atlanta, Boston, and so on. Go tour wineries up north, go to the Florida keys, go to Chicago. Go, go, go.

And I'm okay with it. The leisurely summer has been a blast, but I am a fast paced girl, and I am more than ready to see what kind of crazy productivity this "go" pace brings with it.

Have some suggestions on fall "go" activities for me? Leave them in the comments below :)

Cheers to Fall!

  • What are your favorite fall activities?
  • Any locations you like to visit in the fall?
  • What fall foods are you most exited to make?

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