Rambling Wednesday

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I was going to give you a post on some delicious non-dairy pumpkin spice oatmeal I made last week. But, I'm not in the mood to edit pictures and I'm short on time, so instead, here's some rambling.

1. I'm loving DesignCrush's 365 Days of Quotes (on Instagram - find her here). As a self-employed blogger-slash-marketing-consultant-slash-graphic-designer-slash-writer (phew) who got out of the rat race to do what I actually wanted to do, this one really got me going.

2. My site header and navigation links got a bit of a makeover last week. I just wanted something extremely simple that left a ton of white space, like my consulting site (which is STILL prettier).

3. WEDDING SEASON IS COMING. Or rather, it's here. I have a few weddings in a row coming up, and my husband is standing up in two of them. I am super pumped to have the excuse to get all dressed up and take pictures of my man in a suit. There's nothing better than the man you love all spiffed up. Right?

4.Now that it's getting chilly outside, do I have the license to binge-watch TV without feeling guilty? We had a James Bond marathon on Sunday Afternoon (highly recommended). I've also been binging on Blacklist (James Spader outclasses everyone, and the main character is an awful actor but so. so. pretty) and Once Upon A Time (yeah, I'm late to the game. also bad acting here, but I'm a sucker for fairytales). Somebody tell me it's acceptable to watch this much TV while the weather sucks. Ready, set, go. 

5. I am eating this coconut fried shrimp (paleofied!) as often as I can. But, instead of getting complicated with the ingredients, I have totally streamlined it for everyday use -- all I use is precooked shrimp, dip it in whisked egg, and then dip it in coconut flour before frying it in coconut oil. That's it. Four ingredients. No almond flour, no spices, nothing else. Well, besides maybe the five pounds of sriracha I dip it in.

6. Go do 20 push ups, like now. Great, now you're never going to read my rambling posts again out of FOFE (Fear Of Forced Exercise).

6. My dog aka my assistant likes to come over to me, pretend she wants to nuzzle, and then turn around and stick her butt in my face. Like, she wants me to rub her hiney and she knows I don't want to and SHE IS TRYING TO TRICK ME. What is this garbage?


  • WHAT ARE YOU BINGING ON TV RIGHT NOW? How I Met Your Mother just showed up on Netflix last night and we immediately watched 3 episodes. I forgot how ridiculous that show is. What else is good?
  • WHAT FALL STUFF ARE YOU EATING? I'm deffffffinitely getting at the pumpkin. It's probably time to get spaghetti squash'in, yeah?
  • WHATS YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE? "We can complain because a rose bush have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." -Abe Lincoln. 

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  1. Have you ever watched Parks and Rec? We just finished watching all the episodes they have on Netflix (5 seasons I think?) I had never gotten into it before, but OMG it's hilarious. I laugh out loud constantly throughout the episodes. Highly recommended. I had a cappuccino with a squirt of pumpkin syrup last week.I usually don't go crazy over pumpkin drinks, but it was just a hint of flavor and it was perfect. I do, however, go crazy over pumpkin muffins and scones. Making some soon!


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