There's No Business Like Shoe Business

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I got new shoes.

Like, running shoes. [There go the people who thought this was a fashion post.]

We had quite a bit of dough in Dick's Last Resort Sporting Goods gift cards. My good old Montrails, while amazing, were worn out. Let's just say there was a hole my right pinkie toe could peek out from.

We hit up DSG and I tried quite a few pairs on. I knew I didn't want anything with intense foot support - I am used to light shoes that let my foot flex and do its thing, so I didn't want to end up in something restrictive.

These are different shoes, and despite liking the look of the white ones, I went with the ones on the right because they had a more relaxed fit.

You know, cuz paleo grok wouldn't have had shoes or nuthin'

So, I ended up leaving with a pair of Asics that were very low support. They seemed great and I was extremely excited about the look and color(s) of the shoe.

What was I thinking? I don't wear pink!

But then, later that night, I tried them back on with my most recent pair of socks and I. HATED. THEM. They felt tight, kiddish, whatever.

And I immediately went online and looked up my old pair of Montrail Bajadas.

When I first got into Montrails, I was a Treadmill Terry. I watched TV on the treadmill in Chicago and didn't really stray from that. Now, I am running all around Grand Rapids.

So, I feel like I've finally earned them. Their description as being tried and true for the streets and trails? It finally rings true.

And now they're mine.

First day out, I ended up on sand. Now that's a fabulous thing for trail shoes!

These retail at $109, but by ordering them on Amazon prime in a less popular color (gray instead of the orange I had last time), I cut the cost down to $69. Which is the same price as the shoes I bought at Dick's Sporting Goods and later returns. So, it was even steven!

LESSON LEARNED: Stop going to stores to find new shoes. Stick with what you've got and keep ordering more.


  • What are you running in?
  • Where do you get your running shoes?

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  1. My last two pairs of running shoes have been Asics and I desperately need a new pair. I just started training for a half marathon in December and want to have time to break new ones in. I tried on a few pairs to compare, and think I'm opting for Brooks this time.


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