GIVEAWAY - Breathslim Breath Training, Oxygen Training for Weight-Loss

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You work your muscles. You work your mind. Why not work your lungs, too?

**Heads up: if you want one of these, I'm giving one away as well as providing a 20% off code! Just keep reading until you see more red text!**

I was contacted a while back by Breathslim, a company that created a breathing training product. Their web site touts a respiratory trainer made of plastic that uses the power of air and water to make big changes to your life. According to Breathslim, the training improves your "health, your well-being and your lifestyle."


I am all about stretching my mind and training my body, so I figured I had nothing to lose. Overall, here's what I thought:

I felt calm after using it. I was advised to do this close to bed time, as it can relax you quite a bit and get you in a calm state. It truly lived up to its name - no pre-bed jitters, no extra energy, nothing! Just calm and peace.

I had wonderful, deep, restful sleep. SERIOUSLY. It was like I took Tylenol PM or something. I slept SO well and felt very rested in the morning.

Additionally, this is supposed to be able to ease anxiety, help with weight loss***, and improve your energy the following day. 

The product costs $49 and has a 30 day guarantee (i.e. if you don't love it like I do, you can get your money back). But, if you want to try it now, readers of my web site can get 20% OFF of the product. 
Visit Breathslim via this link to purchase your own Breathslim for 20% off using this code: 

Giveaway for one full kit of Breathslim will end on Monday, October 20th.


The Breathslim was extremely easy to use. Depending on the level you are working at - beginner, intermediate, or advanced - you fill the plastic cup with water to the appropriate line and then breathe through the tube for 15-20 minutes. I have only used beginner so far, which is actually the highest level of water.

The exercise comes when you breathe in an out, battling the water bubbles to get your air past them. I did this sitting up while watching TV before bed, and it got me into a very relaxed, almost meditative state.

Final thoughts? I absolutely loved doing this and will probably continue, if I can get myself to keep it as part of my routine. 

  • Are you going to try it out?
  • What do you do to prepare for sleep?


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