No-Gym Workout Of The Week: 30 Minute Leg Burn

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Tuesday was a rainy, rainy day and I had plans to hit up the gym after work with my husband for our Body By Science routine. But, I still wanted to fit another workout in earlier in the day. Since it was raining, a jog outside was out of the question, and since I had plans to workout later at the gym, I didn't want to waste the gas driving to/from the gym twice.

So, instead of calling it quits, I decided to do my own 30 minute circuit for lower body fitness. This should get your heart rate up a bit - you will definitely feel that you are working. That said, it all depends on how quickly you proceed through the exercises. The faster you move, the harder your heart and body will work and therefore the higher your heart rate will climb.

Get The Workout:

If you are unfamiliar with some of the exercises in this post, here are a few easy how-tos you can review before starting:
  • Jump Squats consist of squats with a jump in between (where you would typically just stand up). Be sure to keep your knees loose and do not lock them at any point. Here's a video if you'd like to see a visual.
  • Alternating Jump Lunges consist of alternating lunges on each side, but instead of stepping back to reset before alternating, you jump in the air to switch your legs. Here's a video if you'd like to see a visual. If this feels too high impact for you, feel free to do traditional alternating lunges. Here's a video of traditional alternating lunges if you'd like to see a visual.
  • Slow Squats consist of going in and out of your squat position without a break, but doing so slowly. This will allow your heartrate to slow down somewhat from the previous two exercises, while still keeping your leg muscles engaged. Here's a video if you'd like to see a visual.
  • Regular Side Lunges consist of starting in a standing position, then lifting your leading leg and leaning out toward that side, then falling into a lunge before returning to standing position. This movement will challenge your lower body but will also require you to contract your core to keep your balance. Here's a video if you'd like to see a visual.
  • Side Lunges with Knee Lift are similar to the regular side lunge above, except that instead of coming back into standing position between lunges, you will pull your leading leg up in the air. This requires even more balance than the previous move and will also engage your core and upper leg as you lift the leg. Here's a video if you'd like to see a visual.
  • Side Lunges with Floor Touch are another variation on the regular side lunge above. In this case, when you lunge to the side with your leading leg, bring your hands down to touch the floor just in front of your leading foot. Then, return to standing position like you would for a regular side lunge. Here's a video if you'd like to see a visual.
  • Bridge Lifts consist of laying on the floor with your feet about one foot from your butt, then using your legs to raise your midsection off of the floor while leaving your shoulders and arms down. Here's a video if you'd like to see a visual. For the exercises in Round Three, you will perform variations of your leg and foot placement during the bridge lift. First, your legs and feet will both be shoulder/hip distance apart, which is a traditional bridge lift. Then, you will try combinations of putting your feet and/or knees together.

Week In Workouts:
For those of you who are still curious about my personal fitness schedule, which I used to post, here's me getting back on the bandwagon to share that information with you. This weekend was fairly light, as we had company in town and decided to do active things that would get us moving without having to schedule an actual workout.
Friday: Weights + Light Cardio Bodypump Class + 40 minute self-guided spinning
Saturday: Muscle Intensive Light Cardio Dune Hiking - 40 minutes
Sunday: Active Rest 1+ hours walking
Monday: Rest Day My husband and I were both a bit sore from Saturday's dune hike and Sunday's long walk around the city, so we decided to take it easy.
Tuesday: Muscle Intensive + Weights 30 Minute Legs (The Workout Above) and Body By Science (Full Body Weights in 12 Minutes)
Wednesday: Muscle Intensive + Cardio PiYo DVD and 4 mile run
Thursday: Weights Bodypump Class + 40 minute self-guided spinning


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